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  • Tucker has been playing basketball on a youth league team.
  • Laney is now doing high school and junior rodeos.
  • Jeff misses out on a lot that goes on in his family's day-to-day lives when traveling.

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January and February are busy months for us here at Robinson Bulls. Not only for Jeff as he travels from event to event all across the country, (he's already been to California twice since the season started), but also for the rest of us here at home.

Tucker has been playing basketball on a youth league team - he's hard to miss since he's almost a full head taller than most of his teammates. This is his first year playing on a kindergarten age team and he has a great coach. He has learned a lot about the game and has had to learn how to play more aggressively. He is great at defense and rebounding especially since Jeff and his brother, Tate, have worked to show him some moves and help him build confidence. We have really enjoyed going to his games and Jeff takes him to most of his practices since he is usually gone on the weekends and can't attend his games. There is nothing quite like watching a bunch of kindergartners scramble around on the court chasing after a basketball. We have been really proud of how hard Tucker has worked and how much he has learned about what he can accomplish if he tries.


This has also been a busy time for Laney as she is now doing high school and junior rodeos. She's loved riding since she was little and this is an opportunity for her to spread her wings and see what rodeo is all about. She is very competitive (she takes after her dad) and has a real talent for riding. Barrel racing is her passion, but she also pole bends and is getting ready to learn goat tying. Jeff says to start them out young so they develop their talent and then it only gets better from there.

We always try to keep Jeff involved in what's going on here at home. It's difficult with his schedule to be all the places he wants to be, and to actually be a part of what the kids are doing, so we keep him involved through pictures and videos of the games. Laney usually posts her runs on Facebook so he can always see what happened and how she did. Of course, he is always calling the kids before a game or an event to give them a pep talk and encouragement as well as a few pointers.

I've learned that being away from home is probably the most challenging part of Jeff's job for all of us. He misses out on a lot that goes on in our day-to-day lives. We miss him being a part of all that we do, and we always just miss him being at home. It takes work to keep everyone involved especially when Jeff travels so often, but it sure makes us all appreciate the times when we can be together, probably more than if we were together every day. It also has helped the kids learn that no matter what, daddy is a big part of their lives and it gives them a sense of accomplishment when they have to help out a little more because he's gone. I know we all appreciate what he does more when we have to do extra because he's gone. I know I've done things that I never thought I could do, like treating a sick bull. Life has a way of showing us what is important and weeding out the rest.

We always have time to work in a little fun - well, maybe a lot of fun! We had a big snow a couple weeks ago and the kids have waited all winter for a good snow. We got the snow gear on, got out the awesome new snow tubes the kids got for Christmas and out the door we went. Tate was in on the sledding part and they had a blast. The snow was perfect for sledding and making snowmen. After they finally got tired of going up the hill after tubing down, it was time to make a snowman. They were so proud of him when they were done and pretty darn cold too. Then it was time for hot cocoa and warming up. We enjoyed the snow, but were glad it didn't last long.


Finally, there are all kinds of rewards that await us as we go along. The lifestyle we lead is grounded in hard work and family. You know at the end of the day that it's all good and that everyone can be proud of what they've done that day and have something to look forward to in all of their tomorrows. Our children will grow up knowing they can do anything they set their minds to and that they were brought up knowing the importance of doing what it takes to get the job done.

My greatest desire is that at the end of each day we all feel a little closer, a little stronger and we learned something about ourselves. In the process, we hopefully helped ease Jeff's mind because he knows things on this end will always get taken care of.

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