Markiss: 'I am pretty confident'

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  • Jory enjoys competing at Cowboys Stadium.
  • He is currently No. 16 in the world standings.
  • Pancho is Jory's bull in Round 1.

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The Dickies Iron Cowboy IV is this weekend and I'm doing the same thing everybody else is ― I'm getting myself ready. It's just another day. It is our job to ride bulls, and the fact that they put a little more money up for grabs and real tough pen of bulls to get on, really makes a difference even though it shouldn't. In my opinion, we should all approach it the same way as any other Built Ford Tough Series event.

I loved Cowboys Stadium, it was really neat. I got to ride there last year as well. Just the size of the stadium and all of the people that show up from Fort Worth and Dallas and the other surrounding areas, the amount of energy that is in that building, it is awesome. So not only should that help us, but it should help the stock as well.

I'm excited for the bulls on my side of the bracket. I have actually been on Ringo and Shepherd Hills Tested. I had an opportunity to get on Bushwacker, but I never did and I wish I could take that back. I have tried all year long to draw those bulls and haven't had a chance yet. At least I get to draw them when I'm home in Texas.

I am now No. 16 in the world standings and I don't plan on changing anything. I don't think I changed anything when I moved out of the Top 10. I think I am just going to keep knuckling at it the same. I have been trying really hard and it almost paid off. I have been on Shepherd Hills Tested three times now and I'm gonna to get him on that fourth time if I make it there. I am pretty confident with it.

Jory aboard Shepherd Hills Tested during the 15/15 Bucking Battle in Kansas City, Mo.

I do know a little bit about my Round 1 bull, Pancho. He was raised not far from where I live now; I believe he was raised by Ace of Spades. He has been sold and passed around, and I have actually called everybody I know in Stephenville, Texas, to talk to them about it. They pretty much just told me not to worry about it; he will just kick out there and spin and come around.

I will be against Ty Pozzobon in Round 1 and it's going to be an absolute spur contest. He is one of my good buddies. It will be just like going to the practice pen. Ty's bull in Round 1, Cat Ballou, is pretty good and he has been riding really well. Chase Outlaw and I are heading over to Mike White's and we are going to get on some practice bulls today. I figure I will take it just like that.

I haven't concentrated on the bulls that the other riders will be getting on. I am just trying to concentrate on myself and how well I have been doing.

I do have some friends coming to the event, but not being that close to home I really haven't had a chance to contact everyone. Everybody I know is pretty much a cowboy so I can only imagine they will show up.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to all of my sponsors and everybody that has helped me down the road this year, and offer a big wish for success for the rest of the year.

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