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  • Jory is currently No. 12 in the BFTS World Standings.
  • He tries to push positive energy.
  • Being tone, agile and having balance is key when it comes to riding bulls.

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It was an alright weekend for me in Anaheim, Calif. I got on Super Cool Cat again and he ended up welling me one more time and making a fool out of me. Nonetheless it was good. I guess I moved down just a little bit in the standings because I bucked off and didn't make the short round, but I am really looking forward to this weekend in St. Louis and getting back to it.

Throughout my bull riding career I have come to learn that you are only as good as you want to be. You are the only person that will ever stop your success. So before an event, if I get the chance, I go and look at the bull and I end up finding myself on the bucking chutes looking out at the arena. I try to imagine myself riding that bull doing absolutely any move he can make, even back flips. I wish one could land a back flip. I also try to boost myself. When I learned how to ride bulls, there was a guy who said, "Tell yourself you are a World Champion, you are No. 1, a thousand times a day." So that is pretty much what I do. I try to push positive energy. I always figure, it's easier to move on and get on with it, than to sit there and sulk about it.

I will occasionally do a little research on the bulls before an event. I did do a little research before I got on Gunpowder & Lead, I have seen him a handful, but I wanted to know if there was a certain position that everybody seems to be in to get around that corner. A lot of the times, if I have a really good bull, I'll look them up, but if I don't know the bull, I go in blind and I take him jump for jump.

As for my 'victory dance', shooting my hat out of the air, it all started when me and my buddies were joking one day and watching westerns, goofing around. One of my buddies rode his bull and tossed his hat, and he made an absolutely awesome bull ride, and so we all shot his hat for him. And so I said, "You can just call us the shotgun boys," and since I happen to be the only guy out of all those friends on tour, I figured I better keep what I started.

Between events, I usually get on practice bulls and I definitely work out; that's a necessity. Whether I do P90X, or if me and my buddies go on a run or flip tires or do a bunch of rubber band workouts, I try to stay at my most fit capacity because the bulls they are bringing these days are just amazing. If I just sit around and drink beer, I don't think I am going to have a chance. Being toned, agile and having balance is key when it comes to riding bulls.

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