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  • The PBR Legends Reunion will take place in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

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It's time to take a quick breather before the Finals. The few extra days rest is really needed. You had a pretty tired group of cowboys that left Columbus on Saturday night. The long season sure takes its toll both on the body and your psyche. Time to recharge, though. Toughest pen of bulls, cowboys on top of their game, fan frenzy, plenty of money to be made - I'm ready!

Maybe I'm ready to ride but I'm not ready for a bunch of the mundane stuff that has to be done to prepare for my travels to Las Vegas.

One thing I'm doing this week is fixing the creases on my hats that took a beating all season. I'll bet as a fan that's the last thing that would come to your mind when you think of what we do!

Last week in Columbus I bought a new pair of cowboy boots. They also take a good beating at events and working back home. As an aside, I shopped and purchased the boots in the vendors area during the All American Quarter Horse Congress held during the month of October at the Ohio State Fair Grounds. If the Congress is held in conjunction with our PBR visit next year, make sure you go! World-class quarter horse competition, combined with acres of shopping and great food! Try the roast-beef sundae. You heard me right. Pretty interesting dish. Most of the PBR cowboys visited the event on Saturday, so if you go next year you know you'll have a chance to say hi to us up close and personal.

Another thing I have to do is find all my sports coats. They're probably rolled up into a ball in one of my closets. But with a full week in Las Vegas and so many events to attend and fans just about everywhere you go, we all like to look professional. If I want to look slick and not like a rodeo clown I better hustle out and head to the cleaners.

I'll be glad to visit one event in Las Vegas where I can actually be a fan. I can't wait for the PBR Heroes and Legends Reunion.  The Meet and Greet will feature over 100 PBR greats. My personal hero, Jim Sharp, will be on hand. I can't wait to hear all the great old stories from these past bull riders.

I'm in the PBR now, but heck, every now and then I can also be a fan.

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