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It was my pleasure recently to be one of the guest instructors at the First Annual Rowdy Ranch and Rocking S Bucking Bulls Free Riding School. Tough to get all of that onto the event t-shirt!

The event was held by my buddies Lynde Johnson and Sam Medlock at Dusty and Ty Scoggins Arena in Lorena, Texas. After Wichita, I rode back all night to Texas with Harve Stewart at the wheel to get to Lorena for the event. It was fair punishment for Harve, who, the week before, on the way from Texas to Springfield, Mo., slept all but a few minutes of the 7-hour drive!

We arrived in Lorena on Sunday at noon to find a bunch of kids, most between 12 and 14, eager to learn about the sport.

Harve and I gave lessons on two training tools a rider needs to master before he can get on his first real bull. We worked with the kids on the Mighty Bucker simulator and a drop barrel.

It was worth traveling all night to lend a hand. The kids were great, and if Harve and I were able to get them more interested in bull riding, then we did our job while having a great time.

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