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  • Pistol Robinson was given the go ahead to move from a wheelchair to crutches.

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One of the tough parts of not being able to compete in the PBR for the rest of this season is missing the opportunity to see Chris Shivers take his final bows as he says good-bye to the riding end of the sport. He will truly be missed - not only by us cowboys, but by the thousands and thousands of fans he has gathered over the years. With all the big names currently in the PBR, Chris still gets one of the largest ovations when he is introduced.

I had the opportunity to grow up watching him ride on the PBR level, and then got the opportunity to ride against him. What a true competitor!

Not only does Chris get at each and every bull he draws, but also he has the attitude that every bull rider should have and strive to attain. He doesn't just show up to hear his name called; he comes to the arena expecting to win.

I had the privilege last year to travel and room with Chris and Colby Yates. I'm even more bummed that's its Chris' last season, and I won't have the opportunity to enjoy it with him.

He's gotten off to a great start, and I'm thinking that this year being his last, he's still got some tricks up his sleeve. A brilliant career like his doesn't end in a pop and fizzle, it ends with a bang, and it was no surprise to me to see him win in Atlanta.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not riding this season because he's showing that he's becoming an even tougher competitor the he already is!

Another gold buckle? Maybe. Hate to see ya leave, bud.

As for me, a quick update: Things are going well. I've been in a wheelchair all this time, but finally got the go ahead from Dr. Tandy Freeman to start using crutches. I tried to walk across the room on the crutches. It was like getting on Asteroid!! I need a little more strength in my legs to perfect the task!

P.S. Chris, when you read this, I want my pocketknife back... with sheath.

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