‘My plan is to get on as many bulls as I can’


  • Pistol rode in Touring Pro Division events in Wichita Falls, Texas and Austin, Texas.
  • Despite working in the gym on a daily basis, the strains of bull riding left Pistol incredibly sore.
  • He has had a lot of support from other riders as he makes his comeback.

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The event in Wichita Falls, Texas, went fairly decent. I was 86.5 on my first bull, and I had a good bull in the short round, but I got bucked off.  The next event that I will be riding in will be the Touring Pro event in San Antonio this Saturday.

I did some PR for the event in Wichita Falls. I did some television, newspaper and radio. When it came time to get on my bull, the pressure was on for sure. It felt good. That's kind of why we do this. When the pressure is on, when it is time to ride your bull, that's why you get on bulls - for those moments and that adrenaline rush. It felt good.

Pistol riding

Pistol riding Handsome Jack in Wichita Falls, Texas. 

I also got on a bull at an event in Austin, Texas, and I was sore after those events - a soreness that I haven't felt in a long time. I have been going to the gym, but that is a different kind of soreness all together. I woke up the next day and I was incredibly sore. It is going to take your body a little bit to get use to the abuse that it goes through - even when you ride well.

Everybody on tour has had their part in supporting me, because we are all friends in the end. I would say guys like Markus Mariluch, Jarrod Craig, Harve Stewart - the guys that I usually travel with all the time, as well as Colby Yates. Even though he is retired now, I talk to him all the time about it. Those guys definitely support me and I support them in their endeavors. If I was to give somebody a shout out, it would be those guys.

My plan is to get on as many bulls as I can. I went to the events in Texas, because I live in Texas and I was ready to ride then. Now I am ready to get on the road and go wherever I have to go. I am also kind of torn, because I want to get on more bulls, but now the TPD events are going to be in Massachusetts and Ohio. That's a long way for a Touring Pro when I could go to a Built Ford Tough Series event if I'm going to fly somewhere, and could ride there for $40,000. But do I think I'm ready?

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