Wives of the PBR: Sara Best McCoy

Cord and Sara Best McCoy.


  • Sara Best McCoy grew up on a horse and cattle ranch in Iowa.
  • She got on the back of a bull and has no plans to do it again.
  • Cord has been busy in the off season filming a new television show for RFD-TV called "The Ride".

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Growing up on a horse and cattle ranch in Iowa, the western lifestyle is one that I am familiar with. Having five sisters and no brothers, us girls did it all from working cattle, breaking colts, and baling hay. We rodeoed a bit growing up and our father rode bulls. Although I'm aware of the dangers, I wasn't as shocked as someone new to the sport of rodeo having to watch their loved one ride bulls for a living.

The McCoy family is obviously big into rodeo. A sympathy card is not something that is readily handed out. Chances are quite high that someone in the family has had an injury way worse than yours. They are definitely tough folks, but they are the sweetest people you will ever meet. 

I can't believe it, but I did once get on the back of a bull. Cord and I raise bucking bulls and we were bucking a bunch of young calves, and this one just hopped and skipped across the pen. I mistakenly opened my mouth saying I could probably ride that one. And then Cord said, "Well, all right. We will just see how that goes." Sure enough, the bull was set to be hauled off on Monday, but of course Cord kept him a week longer. Cord and I are very competitive. Sometimes I joke and say that we act a little more like brother and sister than wife and husband. We are always working side-by-side together and we have a lot of fun.

He was joking to me all week about getting on the bull. I was just sure that he was kidding. Bullfighter Frank Newsom was at the house helping us, which was a good thing - a very good thing. We were bucking out calves that following weekend, and sure enough, Cord loaded him in the chute and the next thing I knew I was climbing a top and asking a million questions. Maybe I was nervous?

I kind of always wanted to try it, but I didn't think that it would ever really happen. The last thing I remember is them opening the gate and me thinking, "Oh, this is kind of fun."

And the next thing I know, I was on the fence and my head hurt so badly. I didn't know what side I came off, or how I came off. I'll admit I was miserable for two weeks. I definitely have a new appreciation for the bull riders and their sport. Needless to say, that was my first and last bull ride.  

For Cord and I, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. We are very grateful for time we get to spend with our loved one's over the Christmas season. We celebrated Christmas early in Oklahoma and then headed to Iowa. And now we are both eager to start the 2013 bull riding season and bull competitions. From Iowa we will leave for Fort Worth, Texas for the upcoming PBR competition and ABBI classic event. This will be Cord's first event back from an enjoyable month off from bull riding, catching up with work at the ranch. Cord has also been busy in the off season filming a new television show for RFD-TV called "The Ride". This will begin airing in January. Cord looks forward to sharing his love for all different aspects of the western lifestyle with folks across the world. 

McCoy holiday

Sara and Cord pose with family over the holidays.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas! And we hope the new 2013 year brings you many blessings! 

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