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  • Skeeter Kingsolver will return to action this weekend at the Glendale Invitational.

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It's definitely been a long time. To start out with, I didn't think it was going to take me this long to get back to riding, so I'm just really excited about the fact that I'm back competing. Being out so long was a learning experience for me, mentally more than anything, so I'm just getting ready for what's ahead. I know that I'm still young, and there's still a lot of time left, a lot of career left, and I know that you don't want this injury to happen, but sometimes you just have to take it as a learning experience and make yourself stronger. I'm ready to get back and ride to the best of my ability.

The main deal, even mentally, is having my body healthy. When you're riding all the time, you have a few aches and pains, and that's the stuff you have to deal with. Right now, I feel fresh - nothing's hurting - and I'm just ready to get back on top of some bulls.

Ryan Dirteater is one of my best friends, and we've been hanging out with each other a lot, pushing each other to be better, and that motivates both of us. We've known each other for a long time, and we were talking the other day about how every kid dreams about what we're doing right now. It's just cool that we grew up riding together, and now we're getting to live the dream together. We're just pushing each other to do better; we're doing that every day, and one day we're going be world champs together.

Dirteater Kingsolver

Skeeter Kingsolver helps Ryan Dirteater get ready to ride in Oklahoma City.

Lately, Ryan and I have been roping a lot. It's just another part of being competitive. As bull riders, we always want to be winning something, or at least doing something. We can't just sit in the house and watch TV. I've always rode horses and stuff, so I figured while I'm down here, I might as well start roping.

I just can't wait for the weekend to get here… it's been a long time coming.

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