Staying involved without taking the hard hits


  • Wiley Petersen and Dustin Elliott launched a Bull Rider Coach system.
  • He is now an Administrative Pastor for Riding High Ministries, Inc.

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Life is all about change, right? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a lot has changed for me in the last year. After deciding to retire from riding bulls this year, I have taken on some new ventures that are very familiar to me. As a bull rider, my goal was to be successful (obviously), but my ultimate purpose was to inspire and help people realize their full potential through a relationship with the Lord. I like to think that when people thought of Wiley Petersen, they thought "Christian Bull Rider." Don't get me wrong, I had plenty of comments about my cross-eyed looks at the camera and goofy antics, but my main focus was always to bless people through the sport I love so much. Now I am able to stay involved with the sport and share my faith with people without taking the hard hits from bulls.

Dustin Elliott and I launched a Bull Rider Coach system to teach and train bull riders everything they need to succeed. With that business, I have learned more about bull riding than I ever did as a competitor. It is one thing to be able to ride bulls, but a total different thing to be able to teach how to ride bulls. It has been exciting and a challenge to start a new business and try to learn the right way to do things. 

I have also taken on the role of Administrative Pastor for Riding High Ministries, Inc. This allows me to be a part of the ministry that has helped me walk out my faith for so many years as a pro bull rider. We do many different things like PBR Church Services, rider discipleship, prison ministries, community outreaches and foreign missions. I am learning what it means to keep a ministry going and inspire people to be a part of something bigger.

A lot of things have changed, but my purpose is still the same. I have a lot to learn, but that is part of the adventure. Never stop developing! 


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