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Wiley Petersen helps a student at a bull-riding clinic in Fort Duchesne, Utah.


  • Wiley Petersen worked a bull-riding clinic in Fort Duchesne, Utah, last weekend.

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Last weekend, I went to Fort Duchesne, Utah, to do a one-day bull-riding clinic where I demonstrated the technique of riding, and then had the students ride some bulls so I could give them tips. Bull riding clinics are always interesting, because I never know what to expect with the bulls or the students.

At this particular clinic, I had about eight students and most of them had been on quite a few bulls, so they were somewhat experienced in bull riding. There were a few new riders that I had to take a little more time with, and make sure they were understanding the information before we put them on bulls, but they listened and applied what I was teaching them with enthusiasm.

"If those guys continue to work hard everyday... nothing will stop them from being champions."

After about two hours of instructing on the drop barrel (a mechanical practice device), it was time to ride some bulls. By this time, it was about 95 degrees without much of a breeze. I spoke to the owner of the bulls to get a little bit of an idea as to the caliber of bulls we were dealing with, and he basically told me that we were dealing with new bulls. I will admit I was a little nervous, because new bulls are usually hot tempered and very unpredictable… not really ideal for beginner riders.

We said a prayer and ran the bulls into the chutes and the fight was on. From the back pens to the chutes, these bulls were trying to hook (that means horn) everything that moved. I could sense the apprehension from my students, so I started encouraging them to get their ropes on a bull and be ready, because it wasn't getting any cooler out there.

Usually, when you're scared or nervous, you just have to push through it. Every one of those guys stepped up and got on and every one of them tried hard. There was only one guy that stayed on his bull for eight seconds, but I was very satisfied with all of them for the courage and commitment they showed to get on some bulls that weren't ideal for a clinic.

If those guys continue to work hard everyday, and take action despite being nervous or scared, nothing will stop them from being champions. They may not all be champion bull riders, but they will be champions in life.

Wiley Petersen

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