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PUEBLO, Colo. - The Professional Bull Riders announced that it will begin using VSR Sport, a computerized evaluation system, to assist in the assessment of a bull rider's ability to compete after suffering a concussion.

It is the latest step in the PBR creating a more comprehensive concussion-management program. The goal is to improve concussion care, while also making safer decisions on a bull rider's ability to continue to compete, and the ability to return to competition.

"This system is a valuable tool that will help us better demonstrate to the bull riders the functional deficits that can result from concussions and provide them with more objective information about when they may more safely return to riding," said Dr. Tandy Freeman, who has been the official on-site doctor for the PBR since its inception.

The program can objectively assess a bull rider's functional balance control. Recent clinical research has conclusively shown that deficits in postural stability and balance control following a brain injury can be quantified, and add an important element to a concussion management program.

The new system allows the utilization of data that can't be hidden or under-reported, no matter how eager a bull rider is to get back to competition. It includes protocols that accurately and objectively assess an athlete's functional balance control across a variety of athletic stances, including the new Stability Evaluation Test.

This system will also help reduce the possibility of second impact syndrome by utilizing The Rule of Three (symptoms, cognitive and balance assessments) to make the most objective decision possible for returning a bull rider to action.

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