The clock starts when the bull's shoulder or flank breaks the plane of the gate. It ends when the rider's hand comes out of the rope, the rider touches the ground, or the rider's free arm touches the bull (a "slap"). A successful ride will earn a score of 0-100 points. Scores of 90 points or above are considered outstanding.  To learn more, click below and complete this PBR Passport Destination!

By completing this PBR destination, you gain an entry for This Week's drawing:  Four (4) BFTS Tickets!

Tickets can be redeemed for a single performance, at any BFTS Event prior to May 31, 2016, excluding World Finals.


When you’re at a BFTS Event, to register, simply go to,, or visit with one of the PBR Staff!  Once registered, you’ll be eligible for great Performance Prizes that are awarded during each performance during the event!  Each performance that you attend, register and “check in” also awards you an extra entry into the 2015 PBR Passport Sweepstakes Grand Prize drawing!

Your journey doesn’t end there!  You can also sign up by clicking the buttons above.  No matter which registration option you choose, you’ll unlock PBR Passport Destinations on your PBR Passport Profile!  Each week, a new PBR Passport Destination will be made available for you to complete.  Once completed, you’ll be eligible for that specific week’s Online Prize!  For each destination you complete, you’ll ALSO be awarded an extra entry into the 2015 PBR Passport Sweepstakes Grand Prize drawing!

The 2015 PBR Passport Program will culminate with the Grand Prize drawing!  Each of the Official Winners of the prizes listed to the left will not only win that prize, but also a trip to the 2015 World Finals!

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