PBR Live Center

Please have a look at our schedule below and find out when the next event will be available!

Date & Time Location Event

Sep 5-6 9.05|8:00 PM 9.06|7:00 PM

Nashville, Tenn. Get Tickets

Cooper Tires Presents: Jack Daniel’s Invitational

Sep 12-14 9.12|8:00 PM 9.13|7:00 PM 9.14|4:50 PM

Springfield, Mo. Get Tickets

PBR Presents: PFI Western.com Invitational presented by Bass Pro

Sep 19-20 9.19|8:00 PM 9.20|7:00 PM

Laughlin, N.V. Get Tickets

Cooper Tires Presents: Desert Showdown

Sep 26-27 9.26|8:00 PM 9.27|7:00 PM

Oakland, Calif. Get Tickets

PBR Presents: Kawasaki Strong Battle at the Bay

Oct 3-4 10.03|8:00 PM 10.04|7:00 PM

Biloxi, Miss. Get Tickets

Kawasaki Presents: Battle at the Beau

Oct 10-11 10.10|8:00 PM 10.11|7:00 PM

Allentown, Pa. Get Tickets

PBR Presents: Cooper Tires Take the Money and Ride