PBR Live Center

Please have a look at our schedule below and find out when the next event will be available!

Date & Time Location Event

Mar 31-Apr 2 3.31|7:45 PM 4.01|6:45 PM 4.02|1:45 PM

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Get Tickets

Presents: First PREMIER Bank PREMIER Bankcard Invitational

Apr 7-9 4.07|7:45 PM 4.08|6:45 PM 4.09|1:45 PM

Billings, Montana Get Tickets

Cooper Tires Presents: STANLEY Performance in Action Invitational

Apr 22-23 4.22|7:15 PM 4.23|1:45 PM

Tacoma, Washington Get Tickets

Cooper Tires Presents: Tacoma Invitational

May 12-13 5.12|7:45 PM 5.13|8:30 PM

Las Vegas, NV Get Tickets

Presents: Last Cowboy Standing at Helldorado Days

Aug 12-13 8.12|6:45 PM 8.13|1:45 PM

Tulsa, OK Get Tickets


Aug 18-19 8.18|7:45 PM 8.19|6:45 PM

Nashville, TN Get Tickets

Cooper Tires Presents: Music City Knockout