PBR Live Center

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Date & Time Location Event

Nov 2-6 11.02|6:15 PM 11.03|6:15 PM 11.04|6:15 PM 11.05|7:15 PM 11.06|12:45 PM

Las Vegas, NV Get Tickets

Presents: 2016 Built Ford Tough World Finals

Jan 6-8 1.06|7:45 PM 1.07|6:45 PM 1.08|1:45 PM

New York City, New York Get Tickets

Presents: Monster Energy Buck Off At The Garden

Jan 13-15 1.13|7:45 PM 1.14|6:45 PM 1.15|1:45 PM

Chicago, Illinois Get Tickets

Presents: Chicago Invitational

Jan 21-22 1.21|6:45 PM 1.22|1:45 PM

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Get Tickets

Presents: Oklahoma City Express Employment Professionals Invitational

Jan 27-29 1.27|7:45 PM 1.28|6:45 PM 1.29|1:45 PM

Sacramento, California Get Tickets

Presents: Sacramento

Feb 3-4 2.03|8:00 PM 2.04|7:00 PM

Anaheim, California Get Tickets

Presents: Anaheim Invitational