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Jim Haworth named Chairman and CEO of the Professional Bull Riders

New media and global initiatives continue to fuel the success of the Toughest Sport on Earth

Jim Haworth named Chairman and CEO of the Professional Bull Riders

NEW YORK (May 1, 2012) - Spire Capital and the Professional Bull Riders are proud to announce today that Jim Haworth has been promoted from Chief Executive Officer to Chairman and CEO of the PBR, effective immediately.

Haworth will continue to oversee the day-to-day duties of the organization, but will expand his focus to drive the expansion of the sport internationally, while capitalizing on television and digital media to expand the PBR's fan base and take the sport of bull riding to new heights.

Haworth joined the PBR as CEO in February 2011, after many years as a PBR board advisor. Under his leadership, the PBR began a fundamental transformation from an organization focused almost exclusively on live events into one which embraces all forms of media in promoting its brand. 


PBR World Headquarters, Pueblo, Colo.

Television production has been greatly enhanced by being brought in-house, through a long-term partnership with multiple-Emmy-Award-winning producer David Neal.  The company is continuing to improve its television distribution, the quality of production and the size of its viewing audience.  In the 2012 season, the PBR has been showcased on longtime partner NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus), NBC, and YouTube, and is in its first year with the CBS/CBS Sports Network family, which has embraced the property with vigor and placed a high priority on the success of the sport. 

The company has also invested heavily in its digital media assets, launching a new website, new mobile apps, a Live Event Center, and other digital properties, while continuing to grow its skyrocketing social media presence.

These initiatives are in turn fueling the success of the PBR's live events, which have been further enhanced by several improvements, including larger arena viewing screens, changes to the timing and efficiency of the events themselves, a new 15/15 network format that showcases the very best riders against the very best bulls, and increased focus on the smooth integration of live events with broadcast offerings. 

On the international front, substantial investments have been made with a focus on Brazil, the largest market opportunity for the PBR outside of the United States.  The company intends to capitalize on the massive popularity of PBR bull riding in Brazil, whose riders have clearly established themselves among the world's finest. Major global businesses have expressed strong interest in partnering with the PBR's Brazilian initiatives to grow the sport even further.

Assisting Haworth in these initiatives are Sean Gleason, President & COO; David Cordovano, Chief Global Events Officer; Rodd Granger, CFO; and Terry Bassett, EVP of Sales & Sponsorship, as well as a dedicated staff of multi-talented professionals at the organization's headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado.

"I'm excited about Jim moving into his new role as Chairman and CEO, and about the direction the PBR is heading," said Rick Patterson, Spire Capital Partner. "I truly believe that the PBR is in great hands, and will continue to grow to new heights as an elite sport."

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