Behind the chutes: Glendale


  • Reigning World Champion Silvano Alves moved into fourth overall with a second event win in Glendale.
  • The returning Robson Palermo had five events to move into the Top 25, but needed only two.
  • Caleb Sanderson needed a big weekend to stay on tour, and got one.
  • J.B. Mauney is dealing with thumb and wrist injuries, and hasn’t covered a bull in three events.

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - Silvano Alves went nine Built Ford Tough Series events without a win.

During that time, he had the best riding percentage in the Top 25, yet was barely a Top 10 contender. Two weeks later, with back-to-back event wins, the reigning World Champion is ranked fourth in the world, only 406.5 points behind the top spot.

With Robson Palermo translating, Alves said, "I've been riding really good and my riding percentage is really good. I just think about riding bulls, keep the score and get ready for the next one, and win again."

He's ridden 21 of 29 bulls for a 72.41 percent average so far this season, including a 4-for-4 performance in Glendale.

Alves, J.B. Mauney, Valdiron de Oliveira and Marco Eguche are log-jammed atop the standings, with Mauney leading Oliveira by 48.75 points. Eguche and Alves are right on their heels.

'I get the good bulls to get a score, but sometimes I need to get on tough bulls to make a score, and I know I have the potential to ride those tougher bulls, too.'

There are a total of 1,500 points available next week in Albuquerque, N.M., including 300 in the 15/15 Bucking Battle, which means the Top 7 riders in the world are within striking distance of the top spot in the standings.

Next weekend, Alves will face High Octane Hurricane in the Bucking Battle.

"I get the good bulls to get a score," he explained, "but sometimes I need to get on tough bulls to make a score, and I know I have the potential to ride those tougher bulls, too.

"I've been doing that all year long."

In Glendale, he was the only rider to cover all four of his bulls.

He rode Tight Rope in the opening round for 86.5 points, and T-Rex in the first short round for 87.25 points. He took the lead in the average in the third round after riding Dark Shadow for an 86.5, and earned the win with 87.75 points on Back Bender in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

Silvano Alves scores 87.75 points on Back Bender in Glendale, Ariz.

Alves, who said he feels healthy and ready to continue competing, earned another $42,973 at the Glendale Invitational and surpassed $2 million in career earnings. He is currently ninth on the list of all-time money-earners.

According to Palermo, "God blessed him to ride good every week."

'God blessed him to ride good every week.'


BACK WHERE HE BELONGS: "If you want to be in the Top 25 you have to work hard," said Robson Palermo, who is ranked 23rd in the standings after competing in just two of the first 11 Built Ford Tough Series events.

Palermo finished fourth in Glendale, and second last week in Detroit. He's ridden four of seven bulls, including an 89.75-point payback on Party All the Time a week after being bucked off at 7.04 seconds.

Robson Palermo gets revenge on Party All the Time in Glendale, Ariz.

He missed the first nine events of the season after undergoing surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder of his riding arm.

SANDERSON SAVES SEASON: Two years ago, Caleb Sanderson needed a big weekend, and got the job done on a trip to California. This time, he came to Arizona needing another solid weekend to keep from being pushed off tour.

"Oh, it's always on your mind whenever you're on the cut," he said. "I think I ride a lot better when I'm under pressure."

With Palermo and Fabiano Vieira moving up the standings, Sanderson, who was ranked 25th coming into the weekend, needed to put together at least two scores to assure himself a spot. He wound up with three qualified rides, including a 91.75-point effort on Buckey, and finished second in the average.

Caleb Sanderson notches the high score of the Glendale (Ariz.) Invitational with 91.75 points on Buckey.

"The bull felt real good, and I'd pick him again tomorrow," said Sanderson afterward. He won't get Buckey next week, but his effort pushed him to 15th in the standings, and a matchup with Mac-Nett's Southern Wine in the second 15/15 Bucking Battle of 2012.

'Oh, it's always on your mind whenever you're on the cut. I think I ride a lot better when I'm under pressure.'

Sanderson said he's back to having fun, and admitted that 2011 was a bit of a struggle for him. He fought his head for much of the season, and said riding felt like a job. "I'm back to having fun," he said.

LIKELY CUTS: For the first time in his professional career, 10-year veteran Sean Willingham is expected to be among the riders cut from the BFTS when the PBR makes its official announcement later today. Also falling out of the Top 25 were Jory Markiss and Dakota Beck.

Moving into the Top 25 since the last cut were Douglas Duncan, 21; Palermo, 23, and Vieira, 24. Vieira was competing in Glendale with his final exemption after missing six BFTS events while his visa paperwork was processed.

Willingham aggravated an existing injury to the left wrist of his free hand when he landed on it a week earlier in Detroit. He twice landed on it again in Glendale, and will have X-rays to determine if a second surgery will be needed.

In 2004, he missed his last BFTS event at Columbus, Ohio, when he had a plate and nine screws inserted into his wrist. He continues to wear a small brace to hold his wrist in place while riding. It's believed that the bone could be cracked around one of the screws, but Dr. Tandy Freeman told him an exact cause of the pain won't be known until he can be further evaluated.

INJURY REPORT: Ryan Dirteater, Aaron Roy and Ryan McConnel missed the final two rounds of the Glendale event because of injuries sustained Saturday night. Roy was out with a concussion, Dirteater has a bruised (possibly cracked) sternum and McConnel strained his right hamstring in the opening round.

Toy Soldier takes Aaron Roy to the school of hard knocks in Glendale, Ariz.

On Sunday afternoon, Freeman updated the statuses of Cody Nance, Sanderson, Austin Meier and Kody Lostroh.

Nance sustained a bruised right thigh (and possible fascial tear) when he was hit by a bull's horn in the third round. He is probable for next week's three-day event in Albuquerque.

Sanderson aggravated an old left-shoulder injury on his free arm Saturday night. Meier was competing with an injured left wrist (riding hand) sustained in Detroit, and Lostroh rode with a left rib fracture sustained when he was hit by a horn in Arlington, Texas.

MAUNEY STRUGGLES: J.B. Mauney was 0-for-the-weekend for the second week in a row. He's bucked off seven consecutive bulls, but twice has been within a second of making a qualified ride. Although he's continued to downplay any injuries, Mauney has a hurt wrist and thumb on his riding hand, and a sprained thumb on his free hand.

He continues to have his left hand and wrist heavily taped in the sports medicine room prior to events. His left thumb is swollen just above the wrist, and prevents him from fully grabbing hold of his rope. He told others that his outstretched thumb has been getting jammed into the bulls' backs during his recent outs.

SKEETER'S BACK: It had been seven months since he last competed at a BFTS event, but for Skeeter Kingsolver, "it felt like a lifetime."

"Like I was telling Ryan (Dirteater) the other day," he said, "I was kind of getting the jitters like a rookie."

'I was kind of getting the jitters like a rookie.'

He bucked off of Whoopah Cocktail - a bull he said he should have ridden easily - at 7.02 seconds on Saturday night, before making the whistle Sunday afternoon on Wild Cherry for 84.25 points.

Afterward, he added, "I wouldn't expect anything less from myself."

WIDE-EYED BUT STICKY: Newcomer Markus Mariluch has won two Touring Pro Division events this month, three this year and four including a shootout last year in Las Vegas. "This is just like a dream to be on tour and riding against the best bulls and best guys," said a winded Mariluch after covering All Fired Up in the opening round. "I don't know … I'm just taking it a bull at a time."

Mariluch won the Hampton, Va., event last weekend to earn a spot in the Glendale draw. He's twice won in San Antonio, and the money from the Las Vegas win counts toward 2012. He's currently 16th in the TPD standings, and closing in on earning a regular alternate spot in the BFTS draw.


J.B. Mauney came less than a second from covering Bushwacker in Arlington, Texas. Will Jordan Hupp get it done in Albuquerque, N.M. this weekend?

15/15 MATCHUPS: Following this weekend's event, the Top 15 in the standings have been finalized for next week's 15/15 Bucking Battle. The following are the matchups for the CBS network broadcast: Mauney and Rango; Oliveira and Bad Blake; Marco Eguche and Train Wreck; Silvano Alves and High Octane Hurricane; Renato Nunes and Buckey; Meier and Highway 12; Dirteater and Rock & Roll; Chris Shivers and Jack Daniel's After Party; Guilherme Marchi and Perfect Poison; L.J. Jenkins and Back Bender; Luke Snyder and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey; Justin Koon and Smackdown; Ty Pozzobon and Shepherd Hills Trapper; Jordan Hupp and Bushwacker, and Sanderson and Mac-Nett's Southern Wine.

NEXT SUNDAY: Next week's 15/15 Bucking Battle can be seen Sunday afternoon on CBS at noon ET, while the final two rounds of the Albuquerque event will be on CBS Sports Network later the same day at 6 p.m. ET.

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