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Several of the riders who did well last night also have drawn well tonight, but although he is currently in third place, Silvano Alves should be the favorite here. He has bucked off two bulls since the Times Square event last October, and rode both of them 7.6 seconds. The odds say he will not buck off tonight.

Round 3 Matchups:

Silvano Alves on 147 Zip Code:
Like most bulls alive today, this one may not have enough talent to shake Alves loose. Zip Code is the bull Jody Newberry was injured on last week in Sacramento, Calif., and later in that event, Ben Jones placed fourth in Round 3 on him. I think Alves gets a third score here.

Skeeter Kingsolver on 652 Juicy Fruit:
Juicy Fruit is a bull who turns in solid bull scores and produces very good scores for riders. He struggles to throw anyone off. His buckoff percentage vs. top level riders is zero; against left-handed riders, 33. Kingsolver already has two scores here and all he needs is one more. This looks like a good bull to get it done on.

Stormy Wing on D13 Ricky Bobby:
In most long rounds Ricky Bobby appears in, he is clearly the highest rated bull. In terms of average bull score, he is the 23rd highest rated bull active in the PBR right now. In recent months he has not been as outstanding as he was earlier in his career, but he is still an excellent draw in any round.

The thing that sets Ricky Bobby apart from other bulls is that he is welly, meaning he wants to throw riders inside the spin. Most bulls who spin really want the rider to the outside of the spin, but welly bulls will throw riders either way. There are a great many bulls going who can be ridden by an overly aggressive rider, but this kind of bull requires a more subtle approach. To get the job done on Ricky Bobby, Wing will need to minimize mistakes, and stay dead in the middle. Wing has a slight advantage here; he has been on Ricky Bobby before, and stayed on 7 seconds. So he does know what to expect, and that helps more than anything else on a tricky bull.

McKennon Wimberly on 479 Secretary of Soul:
Wimberly has been on this bull before, and came down in Fresno last March. This is a bull he is supposed to ride, and needs to ride if he is going to contend for a title.

Guilherme Marchi on 447 The Deacon:
Marchi has one score here, and he should get another one tonight. This is a bull who could produce a round win, and Marchi has ridden him before – for 88 points at a Touring Pro event in August of 2009.

J. B. Mauney on 510 Willie Wilco:
Willie Wilco has been ridden regularly by left-handed riders, and Mauney is one of the best riders in the world. He should get a second score here easily.

Jordan Hupp on 436 Little Juicy:
This bull hasn’t been on tour as much as some of the other bulls here. Marchi was 87 points on him in Round 3 of the World Finals. Little Juicy has spent two-thirds of his career on the rodeo trail, and he has been an excellent draw, especially for right-handed riders.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 524 Bandolero:
Oliveria rode this bull last week in Sacramento. Although Oliveira came down in the short round last night, he is not likely to here.

Mike Lee on 323 Little Mr. T:
Lee came down last night on D&H’s Commotion, and since he is already used to getting on extremely hard-to-ride bulls here in Anaheim, why not one more? Lee has faced Little Mr. T three times, and finally rode him last week in Sacramento.

Beau Hill on 405 Wolf Ticket:
This bull can go either way. He is also a little on the small side, so he could be trouble for long and lanky Hill, but if Wolf Ticket decides to go left tonight, we could see a great ride.

— by Slade Long
(Slade Long, PBR Web Developer and Statistician, has been crunching the numbers on bucking bulls for 12 years.)

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