The morning line: Pueblo, Round 2 and 15/15 Bucking Battle


  • Round 2 is an ABBI Classic competition, which means 3- and 4-year-old bulls, many of whom don’t have a long track record.
  • In the 15/15 Bucking Battle, keep an eye on Luke Snyder and Asteroid.

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PUEBLO, Colo. - Round 2 is an ABBI Classic competition, which means 3- and 4-year-old bulls, many of whom don't have a long track record. Anything could happen here.

Round 2:

Valdiron de Oliveira on 875 Altercation:
This young bull only has three outs to his credit, and he managed to toss Oliveira in one of them. They met in Oklahoma City earlier this year. Marco Eguche rode Altercation for 87.25 points in Kansas City, Mo., a little over a month later. Oliveira stayed aboard for 7 seconds in their first meeting, and will probably get the job done here.

Kasey Hayes on 33-8 Ragin JT:
Hayes got a score last night, and he's drawn the best bull in this round. Ragin JT probably will not win the ABBI Classic competition today, but he is likely the bull most riders here hoped to draw, especially the left-handed riders. This little bull is honest, has good timing, and is going to spin to the left right in the gate. If Hayes can get the job done, he will place deep in the round if not win it. J.B. Mauney was 90 points on Ragin JT in Kansas City.

J.B. Mauney rides Ragin JT for 90 points in Round 1 of the 2012 PBR BFTS Kansas City Invitational in Kansas City, Mo.

Silvano Alves on 10 Carney Man:
For a young bull, Carney Man has been incredibly consistent. He's been out 13 times, ridden once, and has earned good bull scores along the way. He's unridden in four outs at this level, and has faced some tough riders, but Alves is on still another level, and you really can't expect any 3- or 4-year-old bull to get him on the ground. It does happen, but you'd be better off betting on Alves every time.

Dustin Elliott bucks off Carney Man in the first round of the 2011 Build Ford Tough World Finals in Las Vegas.

Fabiano Vieira on 238 Skatman Hou:
Emilio Resende rode this bull last week in Nampa, Idaho, for 88.5 points. He was the first man to get a score on Skatman Hou. Vieira is almost as consistent as Alves, and should be favored against most of the bulls here.

Emilio Resende takes the round win win an 88.50-point effort on Skatman Hou in Round 1 at the 2012 PBR Boise Invitational in Nampa, Idaho.

Emilio Resende on 52U Midnight Mood:
This is the bull Marchi got hurt on last week. He did get to the whistle and earned 87 points, but Midnight Mood gave him all he wanted. Marchi made a great ride, but this bull put a move on him at the end that would throw 99 percent of the bull riders who have ever lived. Yes, I made that stat up, but it's accurate.

After covering Midnight Mood for 87 points in Round 1, Guilherme Marchi sustains a concussion when he takes a shot from the bull at the 2012 PBR Boise Invitational in Nampa, Idaho.

Ryan Dirteater on 20U Shepherd Hills Tested:
This bull is a man among boys in this round. He's been out 19 times, and is unridden. The elite riders are 0-for-9 on him, and he spun into the riding hands of a lot of those guys. Vieira almost got the whistle on him last week, lasting 7.24 seconds.

J.B. Mauney bucks off Shepherd Hills Tested in Round 4 of the Dickies Iron Cowboy III at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Bull score = 45.50 points.

Pueblo reminder Sat

15/15 Bucking Battle:

Ty Pozzobon on L704 David's Dream:
This was the highest marked bull in Billings, Mont., and he only had to work a couple of jumps. David's Dream is 12-0 in his career, and the riders don't seem to have an answer for him yet. He shrugged Robson Palermo off in 1.77 seconds. Circle T Ranch just bought this bull from Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo. These are two outfits that are right down the road from each other in east Texas, but the bull actually changed hands in Idaho last week.

Robson Palermo on 5403 Perfect Poison:
These two have both been around a long time, and haven't met, which is probably just fine with Palermo. Perfect Poison isn't a good fit for anyone, but he's only been ridden by left-handed guys.

Harve Stewart on W5 Buckoff:
Buckoff has been ridden a couple of times this year, only by left-handed riders. When Pozzobon rode him for 88 points in Arlington, Texas, Buckoff had more buck than spin - and on that type of bull, riding hand shouldn't matter as much.

Ty Pozzobon rides Buck Off for 88 points in Round 2 of the Dickies Iron Cowboy III at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Justin Koon on 691 Meat Hook:
Stewart is the only man to have ridden Meat Hook thus far in his career. Stewart did it in Albuquerque, N.M., earlier this season. Koon had him right before that in Arlington and didn't get far.

Stormy Wing on 718 Rango:
Rango has been ridden a couple of times this year, but he's not the kind of bull who will be ridden very often at all. He can really exert some force some force on the riding hand. Rango is all about up-and-down, and mostly about down. If he had as much jump as he does kick, he would be a lot like Bushwacker, and would send a lot of guys toward the ground at high speed. He's more like Asteroid in that the snap-and-kick is his premier feature, and he doesn't spend a lot of energy on upward movement. Wing had a great effort against Asteroid this year, and he's facing a light version of the same thing tonight.

Aaron Roy bucks off Rango in 2.06 seconds in the championship around at the 2012 Mohegan Sun Invitational in Uncasville, Conn. Bull score = 46.5 points.

Luke Snyder on 781 Asteroid:
This will be Snyder's first attempt at Asteroid, and Snyder is pretty adept at countering every type of bull, so this will be worth watching. Asteroid takes what Rango does to another level. He's got as much snap-and-kick as a bull can have without doing a front flip.

Asteroid puts up a round-best bull score of 46.5 points in bucking off Renato Nunes in 2.86 seconds in the 15/15 Bucking Battle in Uncasville, Conn.

Ryan Dirteater on 20T Train Wreck:
This is the prime draw in this round. He's been ridden a couple of times this season, including 92 points last week by Stormy Wing. Interestingly, Dirteater has two Page-owned bulls tonight, both branded #20. This one is a 2007 model, and 20U Shepherd Hills Trapper is a 2008 model. I can't wait to see 20V next year.

Renato Nunes on 01B High Octane Hurricane:
They met at the World Finals, and Nunes didn't get the job done. High Octane Hurricane is one of the less-difficult bulls in this round, but he's still only ridden about once per year, and Alves already has a qualified ride on him for this season.

Fabiano Vieira on 654 Mulligan Man:
Mulligan Man has a long list of victims, and Vieira is one of them. They met in Detroit. This bull has been ridden twice in 44 career attempts, and is one of the most difficult bulls in the business.

Austin Meier on W1 Buckey:
This is a great matchup. Meier spends a lot of time in the gym, and Buckey is essentially the Charles Atlas of bulls. His muscles have muscles. Buckey is as powerful a bull as any going today, and he doesn't use any tricks - he is just straight-up strong. Meier should fit him, and this should be good watching.

Marco Eguche on 656 Quiet Riot:
This bull doesn't get around too much, but he's only been ridden once in 18 attempts, and that was way back in January of 2011 at the hands of the best rider he's ever faced.

Guilherme Marchi on 107 Rock & Roll:
They met in San Antonio last August, and Marchi was unsuccessful, just like everyone else who has tried this bull. He's 21-0 for his career, and has faced plenty of very talented riders.

L.J. Jenkins on 1415 Palm Springs:
This may be the most interesting matchup of the night. If you've seen Palm Springs before, you may not expect him to be quite as efficient as he is at throwing riders off. He's been ridden only six times in 55 career outs. He is going to spin right in the gate, and can really crank out some revolutions, but doesn't have a lot of up-and-down movement. In a way he's similar to RMEF Gunpowder & Lead, a bull who is ridden quite a bit, but Palm Springs has a hitch in his timing that Gunpowder & Lead doesn't have. The difference is very subtle, but if you watch closely, Palm Springs tends to spin just a little faster than he bucks, which affects the rider's timing just enough to make him difficult to ride.  Jenkins is a good match for him, and could be the first man to post a score on this bull in quite a while.

Silvano Alves on 924B Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey:
As much as I like Alves, I think this bull is just too much for a right-handed rider to overcome. Honey is as close to unrideable as it gets for right-handed guys. Snyder did everything right on him in Uncasville, Conn., and still came up 3 seconds short. What makes this bull so difficult is forward movement. Look for him to spin to the left, and he's about all the bull most guys can handle just doing that. Then he throws in a twist by moving forward at different times during the spin, and riders are just out the back door when that happens. This bull makes it incredibly difficult for a rider to keep his upper body far enough forward, and once that goes, there is no chance.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey posts a bull score of 45.5 points in bucking off Luke Snyder in the 15/15 Bucking Battle in Uncasville, Conn.

Valdiron de Oliveira on K55 Smackdown:
This is another bull who is very hard on right-handed riders. Oliveira has tried him three times and hasn't made it to the 4-second mark yet. Smackdown goes to the left almost every time, but the only time he was ridden by a right-handed rider, he went to the right. Aside from that, no right-handed rider has ever come close to the whistle on him.

Valdiron de Oliveira bucks off Smackdown in Round 4 of the Dickies Iron Cowboy III at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Bull score = 45.50 points.

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