The Morning Line: Greensboro, Day 2


  • Dakota Beck and J.B. Mauney both chose bulls with little known history.
  • Full Force is a good pick for any left-handed rider.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. - With 17 qualified rides last night, there should be a good number of riders who get two bulls ridden here, and it may not be possible to get into the short round on one score.

Event Leaders:

Dakota Beck on 825 Carolina Duramax and J.B. Mauney on 8043 Penny Lover:
Both the guys at the top chose bulls that have little known history. Beck's bull was out twice in Jerome Davis' event a month ago in Archdale, N.C., and turned in good marks, but was not ridden. Mauney very likely knows his bull. Ty Pozzobon had him in round 1 in Tampa and didn't make the whistle.

Chase Outlaw on 6377 Full Force:
Not only is this a good pick for any left-handed rider, Outlaw was 90 points on him at a North Carolina Touring Pro event back in February. Full Force also appeared in New York in January, where J.B. Mauney was 88 points on him. Mauney obviously passed on him here however.

Luke Snyder on 766 Tick:
This is a bull that originally came from Canada earlier this season. He's been ridden four times in his career, all four by right-handed riders. He's a fast spinning bull, likes to go to the right, and Snyder should get along well with him.

Stormy Wing on 64 Johnny Crash:
Wing also picked up a bull that is likely to spin into his hand. Johnny Crash has been ridden by six of the nine lefties who have faced him, while only one of 18 right-handed riders got a score.

Harve Stewart on 757 Second Chances:
Billy Robinson had this bull in Tampa last week and gave everyone a good look at him, as he stayed aboard for 6.8 seconds. Second Chances has been ridden 3 times in 11 career outs, none of them by right-handed riders, but he hasn't faced riders at this level very often.

Robson Palermo on 694 Dark Shadow:
Palermo was 86.25 points on Dark Shadow in Nashville. Without looking at anything but his stats, it's clear this bull must pound out a pretty good rhythm; he probably spins and probably doesn't have a great deal of up-and-down motion. He's been around a while, has been ridden equally often by right- and left-handed riders, and the stat that really stands out is his buckoff percentage vs. elite level riders. He is 17-0 against weaker riders and 9-11 against the elite level guys. No matter how fast or which way a bull spins, if he has good even timing, the elite level guys will ride him fairly often. The only bulls that can consistently put down the top riders either have a hitch in their timing or a tremendous amount of up and down, or both.

Brendon Clark on 73/4 Flashpoint:
This is one of the better bulls in all of the PBR to get a score on. He's 11-25 on the Built Ford Tough Series, and like Dark Shadow, his numbers say he has great timing. Flashpoint has been around since 2007 and I'm a little surprised Clark hasn't been on him before. He's certainly seen him go quite a few times.

Shane Proctor on 41/5 Deja Blue Emu:
Proctor got a score on Deja Blue Emu in Tampa, and he's earned a score on him three times in four attempts. Deja Blue has been overshadowed somewhat by the company he keeps, but he's been an outstanding bull for a long time, and is likely nearing the end of his career.

Renato Nunes on E59 Bone Handle:
Bone Handle has been ridden in his last three outs going back to February of this year. Ben Jones won Round 1 in Nashville on him, and he was just a great little bull to have there. He should spin into Nunes' hand and we should see another score on the board here.

Silvano Alves on 797 Express:
Alves has ridden this bull twice this year, and is likely to do it again. Express seldom gets right-handed riders on the ground before the whistle. Ty Murray made an interesting observation about Alves last night: He said he could tell Alves was going to make the whistle about three jumps into the ride. I think it's because Alves is visibly loose and relaxed, and that is a prerequisite to riding well. He doesn't tense up, override or overthink at any time. If things don't go his way it doesn't seem to have a lasting effect on him. All that adds up to a nearly perfect approach to riding bulls at this level. Throw in a boatload of talent, and it makes Alves awfully hard to beat in a long season.

Ben Jones on 7311 Unpredictable:
They met in New York, and Jones didn't get a score, but I wouldn't bet on the same thing happening here. I've seen a lot of tough bull riders over the past 30 years - guys getting on serious bulls with serious injuries. That said, Ben Jones may be the toughest bull rider I've ever seen.

Cody Nance on 800 Sucker Punch:
This is a brand-new bull with only one out on record, and as it happens it was last week in Tamp,a where Nance rode him for 87.75 points and second place in Round 2.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 742-5 Kansas Twister:
There's not much history on this bull, but Ben Jones rode him in Thackerville for 85.25 points.

Austin Meier on 7451 Rusty Waters:
This should be another score for Meier. Ty Pozzobon was 86.25 points on Rusty Waters in Round 2 in Tampa last week.

Mike Lee on 83 T-Rex:
They met at the 2011 World Finals, where Lee was 87 points. That was the first time T-Rex was ridden after making an impressive debut last September. He's 15-5 in his career.

Agnaldo Cardozo on 7477 Main Event:
Even this far down in the Draft, Cardozo got a good bull. Main Event carried Valdiron de Oliveira to an 88.25 point score in Uncasville earlier this season.

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