Morning Line: Chicago, Day 2

Morning Line


  • J.B. Mauney figures to have a good result aboard 238 Skatman Hou.
  • Leader Marco Eguchi should stay at or near the top of the leaderboard if he covers Dark Shadow.

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CHICAGO ― There were a lot of rides last night and there will probably be a lot of rides again tonight. It will most likely take two scores to qualify for the short round and will probably take two good scores. The guys who aren't on the board already probably don't have a shot at getting in, although Austin Meier and J.B. Mauney have an excellent shot at winning the round.

Event Leaders:

Marco Eguchi on 694 Dark Shadow:
The man on top of the leaderboard drew one of the best bulls available in this round. Dark Shadow threw Stormy Wing off in New York, but J.B. Mauney posted an 86 on him in Round 3. This bull has been ridden in six of his last eight appearances, including Touring Pro events.

Renato Nunes on 83 Santiago:
This bull has been ridden five of 14 times at this level, and five of 28 overall. It's been quite a while since anyone earned a score on him. Jordan Hupp got by him in Detroit, Mich., in March of last year. Since then, Santiago has 15 straight buckoffs at all levels of competition. Nunes was one of those 15 - in Columbus, Ohio, in October.

Ben Jones on 1030 Bar Code:
We haven't seen this bull on tour since last February, but he hasn't been sitting at home waiting for Cody Lambert to ask him on a date. Bar Code spent most of last season going to Touring Pro events and rodeos all over the country, and was ridden eight times in 23 outs. The top-tier riders do stay on this bull around 40 percent of the time, and Jones has a good chance to go two for two here.

Chase Outlaw on K14 Yellowjacket Jr.
This is a well-known bull that won't be much fun for Outlaw. Yellowjacket Jr. doesn't look like a bull that shorter guys would get along with well, although Renato Nunes was the last man to get to the whistle on him. He's strong and will take several straight jumps before turning back. Most riders have had all they can stand before he gets to the spin; 101 guys have tried, and Yellowjacket Jr. has only given up 15 scores. He's coming up on the end of his career, but if this bull turned back and spun right out of the chute, with his size and power, he'd probably have been in serious contention for World Champion bull a couple of years at least.

Cody Johnson on 64 Cheerio:
Cheerio had 16 outs in 2010, and for whatever reason, only has 11 outs on record since then. Last time he was ridden was in January of 2011. Overall, Built Ford Tough Series riders are four for nine on him.

Douglas Duncan on 6799 Sleeper:
Duncan didn't look to be feeling too well after last night's round, but he's got one down and will face a familiar foe tonight. He rode Sleeper for 88 points in Uncasville, Conn., in April of last year, and he is the only left-handed rider to have ridden this bull of 24 who have tried.

Stormy Wing on 705 Shaky Waters:
Ben Jones was 87 points on this one last night. Shaky Waters has a shaky record against lefties - he's been ridden by five of the eight who have faced him. He's been ridden in seven of his last nine outs as well.

Caleb Sanderson on 93 Plummer Butt:
LJ Jenkins was 89.25 points on Plummer Butt at the World Finals, and Valdiron de Oliveira rode him in Philadelphia in October as well, but he's only given up five rides in 24 career outs.

Billy Robinson on 822 Brush Fire:
This is a relatively new bull with only five career outs, and only one at the Built Ford Tough Series. He is unridden, and he threw Silvano Alves off in Columbus, Ohio, last season

Silvano Alves on 10 Carney Man:
This bull comes in 8-2 at Built Ford Tough Series events, and the two guys who topped him were Edevaldo Ferreira and Guilherme Marchi - both in the latter part of last season. Alves had this bull in Pueblo, Colo., last year, but the bull fell with him and he earned a re-ride. Alves looked unshakeable last night, and he's ridden four of six thus far in 2013, which isn't comforting to other guys gunning for a World Title. This will be a test, because this bull isn't a pushover.

Other Matchups:

Emilio Resende on 631 Tapout:
Resende is likely to get a second score here. He was 87.5 on this bull at the World Finals.

Austin Meier on 801 Slippery Devil:
This is the bull Stormy Wing won Round 1 on in New York. He should fit Meier perfectly. 

J.B. Mauney on 238 Skatman Hou:
Mauney fans will have a chance to celebrate tonight, because J.B. is going to knock this bull out in high style, and look pretty doing it. This is one of the best draws in the round, is rider-friendly, and is probably going to spin into Mauney's hand.

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