The Morning Line: Oklahoma City, Day 1


  • Out of 35 bulls set to go tonight, we only have history on 21 of them.
  • Some of the bulls out tonight will be short round quality bulls.
  • Keep an eye on Fairy Tattoo, Jungle Cat and Stone Sober.

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OKLAHOMA CITY ― The opening round at the WinStar World Casino Invitational in Oklahoma City is an ABBI Classic bull competition, which means all the bulls out tonight are competing against each other. All of these bulls are either 3 or 4 years old, and the 3-year-old bulls do have a bit of an edge in these contests, simply because they are a little more mature.

The group of bulls featured tonight may be the least-known single pen of bulls to fill a long round at a Built Ford Tough Series event in a long while. With this being the first high-profile ABBI competition, many of these bulls are just getting started in their careers. Out of 35 bulls set to go tonight, we only have history on 21 of them, and in most cases, that history amounts to one or two outs apiece.

Only three of those 21 bulls have ever been ridden before:

Monty Samford's Modified Clyde, who will face Aaron Roy tonight, was ridden in Columbus, Ohio, last October.

D&H Cattle's W10 Stir Crazy, who will go up against Nathan Schaper, was ridden at a Touring Pro Division event in Guthrie, Okla., last June.

Martinez's 945 Kool Kat, who will face Chase Outlaw, was ridden at the ABBI Wild Card event in Las Vegas during the Finals.

Most of this pen of bulls also competed in an ABBI Classic in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this month, but the data is not in for that event yet.

While we have very little data on any of these bulls, most of the riders are equally unfamiliar with them. This is not a huge disadvantage to the rider ― in some cases, it can work to their advantage.

Once a bull builds a reputation, it plays into a rider's mental preparation, and can work against him. Some of the bulls out tonight will be short-round quality bulls. In the past few years, we've seen Shepherd Hills Tested, Bushwacker, Bad Blake, and Black Pearl win the ABBI round at this event. We could easily see a 90-point-ride win tonight, and we could get a first look at a future World Champion Bull.

A few bulls to watch:

907 Fairy Tattoo - Boyd and Floyd (vs. Jory Markiss):
This bull is one of the better-known in tonight's round. He hasn't been ridden (that we know of), and he was very good at the World Finals. He originally came from Sammy Andrews, and is a grandson of the famous bull Bodacious.

30W Jungle Cat - D&H Cattle Company (vs. Dakota Beck):
This probably won't be the rankest bull in the round, but this matchup is likely to produce a good ride and score for Beck. Jungle Cat, a son of Stray Kitty, has appeared on the Built Ford Tough Series three times, has not been ridden, and has received good bull scores. He's probably going to spin into Beck's hand.

44W Stone Sober - D&H Cattle Company (vs. Emilio Resende):
At Springfield, Mo., last September, this bull threw Guilherme Marchi off in just 2.04 seconds. He had four outs at the Built-Ford-Tough-Series level last season, and was marked well in all of them. Stone Sober makes his home in Oklahoma, but his family is from California ― he's a son of Don Kish's Smooth Move, who was purchased by D&H Cattle back in 2005.

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