The Morning Line: Chicago, Day 1

Morning Line


  • Mike Lee faces MVP, a bull who could help carry him to tonight’s win.
  • Billy Robinson and Bad Blake should be one of the rounds top matchups.

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CHICAGO ― Like Round 1 in New York, there are a lot of matchups tonight that look favorable for the riders. Robson Palermo and J.B. Mauney, first and second in New York, both drew relatively new bulls here that have not yet been ridden.

Lachlan Richardson on 810 Super Moody West:
Super Moody West has five outs on his record and has been ridden five times. Lachlan Richardson really needs qualified rides, and he's got a good chance to get one here.

Fabiano Vieira on 532 The Upgrade:
This is not a bull that is ridden often. In fact, Fabiano Vieira and J.B. Mauney are the only two guys on tour who have done it. Vieira did it In Pueblo last May. Upgrade has turned in some good bull scores at this level, but not when he's been ridden, which is indicative of a bull that doesn't finish particularly strong.

Mike Lee on 050 MVP:
This could be a round win. MVP is ridden quite often, can produce big scores, is one of the best bulls in this round and Lee was 90.5 points on him in the championship round in Columbus, Ohio, in October.

Mike Lee puts up 90.5 points on MVP in October.

Kody Lostroh on 804 Crooked Kitty:
We've only seen this bull twice, and he was ridden both times ― in Columbus, Ohio, and Philadelphia, last season. Not the record of a bull that is likely to get the best of a former World Champion.

Emilio Resende on 713 Custom Chrome:
This bull has been around since 2010, but has only five outs on the Built Ford Tough Series. He's spent most his career going to Touring Pro Events and Emilo Resende rode him at one in San Antonio in March of 2012. From what we've seen of this bull, he likes to go to the right and he's welly, meaning he likes to throw the rider to the inside of the spin. It can be tricky to ride a welly bull that spins into your hand, and Resende can't afford to be overly aggressive here.

Renato Nunes on 230-8 Jailhouse Rock:
Jailhouse Rock only has four outs on his record, was ridden twice and Renato Nunes was one of the guys who got it done. He was 84.75 points in Thackerville, Okla., last August. He'll need more than that here. Based on the bull score this bull earned in New York, he could get it.

Nathan Schaper on 581 Jr. Powder:
Nathan Schaper has been on this veteran bull a couple of times. He got a score on him in Billings, Mont., last year, and bucked off at a Touring Pro event in Fort Collins, Colo., in 2009. Schaper is one of only two lefties to have made the whistle on Jr. Powder. Ryan Dirteater is the other one, and he is also 1 for 2 on the bull.

Silvano Alves on 639 Rock Star:
In his career, Silvano Alves has ridden a little more than 66 percent of his bulls, which is exceptional among riders. This bull bucks off about 66 percent of his riders, and that is average among bulls. When a rider of exceptional ability meets a bull of average difficulty, guess what happens? Well, not always. Rock Star turfed Robson Palermo, L.J. Jenkins and Austin Meier in his last three outs.

Aaron Roy on 61 Big Stink:
We last saw Big Stink in Columbus, Ohio, last season, where Jenkins was 87.5 points on him. BFTS riders are 4-for-7 on him overall. Roy went 3-for-4 in New York to finish tied for second with J.B. Mauney, and should start off with a score here in Chicago.

Billy Robinson on 789 Bad Blake:
Bad Blake is the highest-ranked bull in this round in terms of point production. Billy Robinson drew well in New York, and didn't capitalize on it. He's got another chance here.

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