The Morning Line: New York, Day 2

The Morning Line


  • Leader Stormy Wing has a strong chance tonight to win again aboard Bad Blake.
  • World champion Silvano Alves will square off against 74 Midnight Special, who is unridden in 14 outs.

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NEW YORK ― The riders as a group looked strong last night. We should see a similar number of rides tonight, including some guys who didn't get a score in Round 1. It's likely to take four qualified rides to win this event, and the riders who can put a second score up tonight will be ahead of the game.

JB Mauney on 7311 Unpredictable:
Mauney put up a score in Round 1 and looked unshakable. He's likely to get another one here. He rode Unpredictable for 88 points in Atlanta last February.

Aaron Roy on 050 MVP:
This is one of the better bulls out in this round, and he's been ridden in five of his last six outs, including a 90.5-point effort by Mike Lee in Columbus, Ohio, back in October. Average-ride score in those five outs was 88.9 points ― easily enough to win a round.

Robson Palermo on 5206 Sticker Shock:
Palermo is likely to add a second score here. Cody Nance finished second in the Championship Round on Sticker Shock here last year. He doesn't always produce high scores, but he's also not enough bull to get Palermo on the ground.

Edevaldo Ferreira on 705 Shaky Waters:
Shaky Waters has been ridden in six of his last seven outs, and no bull with that kind of record is likely to buck this guy off. Ferreira is a good enough rider to finish in the Top 10and put pressure on the leaders.

Cody Nance on 7 Hot Box:
These two met in Springfield, Mo., in 2011 and Nance won that match. A second score would put Nance at two for two and set him up to have another great event here in New York.

Davi Henrique on 694 Dark Shadow:
Round 1 and Round 2 were both drawn before the event started, and no one drew better than Davi Henrique. He let the first one get away. Dark Shadow has been ridden in five of his last six outings, and is just the kind of bull most of these riders love to get on.

Jordan Hupp on 84 Megaton:
Hupp already has a score on the board, and he has a good bull here. The good news for Hupp is that Megaton has been ridden two of the three times he's faced right-handed riders. That statistic is slightly misleading, though, because the two rides were both by Silvano Alves, and those are the only two times he's been ridden at all.

Silvano Alves on 74 Midnight Special:
This bull is unridden in 14 career outs and he's thrown off a few tough riders, but Alves is the king of exposing bulls with good-looking numbers. There are more than a few bulls that would be unridden had they not run into Alves along the way.

Brendon Clark on 829 Carolina Kicker:
This is a fairly inexperienced bull with only four outs on his record, but he was ridden in two of them, one of those being Clark in Greensboro, N.C., last September.

Luke Snyder on 675 Alternator:
Snyder was 87.25 points on Alternator at this event last year. He's one-one against this bull in all, with both matchups coming in early 2012.

Mike Lee on 88 Shock Wave:
Shock Wave has only been ridden twice in five career outs and both rides came by Mike Lee last season for 85 and 86 points

Stormy Wing on 789 Bad Blake:
Wing has a great chance to win two rounds in a row. Bad Blake started out as a pretty tough bull to ride, but he's evolved into one of the best money bulls in the PBR. He's good enough to earn a round win here and Wing should get along with him.

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