The Morning Line: Oklahoma City, Day 3


  • Five riders managed scores in Round 2, after 18 posted scores in Round 1.
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OKLAHOMA CITY ― After Round 1 we had 18 scores on the board, and we came out of Round 2 with only five bull riders who managed to double down. J.B. Mauney looks like the odds-on favorite to move into the lead here.

Event Leaders:

Sean Willingham on 48U Rockie Smooth:
This bull is very fast, has a lot of action, not much rhythm, and doesn't give the rider much time to react. His name is Smooth, but there is nothing smooth about him other than his sire was a bull named Smooth Move. It would be a tall order for anyone here to ride him. Guilherme Marchi did it last year in Pueblo, Colo., but it took everything he had, and he bucked off in a later rematch. Willingham's best chance lies in the fact that this bull tries pretty hard to do everything at once, and that kind of bull can cancel out his more difficult moves at times.

J.B. Mauney on 050 MVP:
Mauney may not be in the lead, but he won the drawing contest in this round. Statistically, MVP may be the best draw in the round. He's ridden fairly often, and ridden for high scores. Non-statistically, he's thrown both Mike Lee and Kody Lostroh in the past few weeks.

Ty Pozzobon on U803 Rambo:
Caleb Sanderson rode this bull at a Touring Pro Division event in Lake Charles, La., last season. That is the only time he's been ridden in 17 career outs.

Brant Atwood on 875 Altercation:
Atwood may come out of this with yet another score. Altercation has been ridden twice in nine career outs, both times by right-handed riders. But, the two riders were Marco Eguchi and Valdiron Oliveira. In his other seven outs, Rambo has turfed a who's-who of bull riding, including two former World Champions.

Marco Eguchi on 124W Sneak Attack:
We only have two records on this bull, both from the same rodeo last August. He wasn't ridden there.

Jory Markiss on S02 Sasquatch:
This is a former D&H Cattle Co. bull. He's been around since 2009, but has never been to a Built Ford Tough Series event. He appeared twice in 2010, none in 2011, and had 14 outs last season, and was selected for the National Finals Rodeo. His record indicates he may have been injured at some point and spent some time rehabbing. He's only been ridden twice in his career, but he really hasn't faced many top level riders.

Emilio Resende on 7141 Firewater:
There's not much history on Firewater. He only has two career outs to his credit, but in one of them he threw Edevaldo Ferreira off in New York and earned a 44 point bull score doing it.

Renato Nunes on 733 Beetlejuice AND Shane Proctor on 257
Neither of these bulls have any prior history that we know of at this point. Two very good riders should have a slight edge on two rookie bulls making their first trip to the big stage.

Stormy Wing on 84 Megaton:
This bull could statistically be considered a good draw, because he's been ridden three times in seven outs at this level, and has produced good scores, except that he's only been ridden by right-handed riders, and the only riders who have ridden him happen to be Silvano Alves and Guilherme Marchi.

Mike Lee on U7042 Pure Smoke:
Lee drew great last night, and he did it again here. Pure Smoke is one of the better bulls to draw for lefties at this event. Look for Lee to add a second score here.

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