The Morning Line: Winston-Salem, Day 2


  • Kody Lostroh gets a favorable matchup against 050 MVP and his 33 percent buckoff percentage.
  • The experienced Renato Nunes goes against newcomer 26 Trash to Treasure.

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Event Leaders:

Shane Proctor on 8075 Chocolate Drop:
This bull has appeared on tour just twice, and threw off Valdiron de Oliveira and Ben Jones. He got Jones in New York just a couple of weeks ago.

Jared Farley on E30 California King:
Farley also drew a little-known bull. This one has just three outs, only one at the Built Ford Tough Series level, and is unridden.

Ryan McConnel on 813 Russian Roulette:
McConnel drew pretty well here. This little black bull likes to spin to the left, and has only been ridden by left-handed riders. Douglas Duncan was 87.5 on him in New York.

J.B. Mauney on 701 Showboat:
This is another bull that doesn't have a lot of history, but he was ridden by the only lefty he's faced. Ryan Dirteater was 87.25 points on him in Thackerville, Okla., last August.

Cody Nance on S05 Come Back:
Mauney rode Come Back last night for 86.5 points, and including that, three out of four lefties who have tried him have made the whistle.

Ty Pozzobon on 156 Larry the Cable Guy:
This is one of the tougher bulls to ride in a long round. He logged quite a few outs in short rounds and the 15/15 Bucking Battles last season. Pozzobon has been on him twice and hasn't made it to 4 seconds yet.

Renato Nunes on 26 Trash to Treasure:
This bull doesn't have any history at all, which in itself kind of puts him at a disadvantage against Nunes, who has plenty of experience.

Luke Snyder on 215 I'm Back:
These two met in Tampa, Fla., last September, and Snyder came down. I'm Back is one of the clones of Panhandle Slim, and all of them are good draws in any long round, and tend to treat right-handed riders better than they do lefties.

Emilio Resende on 6138 Prom Night:
This is a rematch from New York, and the bull won there. Douglas Duncan did get an 86.5 score on Prom Night in Chicago.

Silvano Alves on 730 CB's DuckButter:
This bull threw Mauney off at the World Finals, but he's been ridden five times in 12 outs on tour. You can't really expect a bull with that kind of record to throw the Champ. Alves has ridden 7 of 10 bulls to this point in the season, and that puts him ahead of last year's pace by 10 percent.

Eduardo Aparecido on 789 Bad Blake:
Don't know much about the rider here, except that the only bull that has thrown him off at the Built Ford Tough Series level is Smackdown. This is one of the best draws in the round, and probably in all the PBR. Bad Blake was 9-0 in 2011, and 9-12 in 2012. He went from being unrideable to one of the better money bulls around right now. Don't be surprised if the relatively new guy from Brazil gets a second score.

Jordan Hupp on 167 Squirt N Sylee:
This bull is brand new to the Built Ford Tough Series, but he does have some history. He primarily goes to rodeos, and was unridden last season in seven attempts. He's also relatively untested. He hasn't really faced any rider as good as Hupp.

Mike Lee on on 8061 Mud Wasp:
Lee has the lowest score coming in among the guys who made the whistle last night, but that won't happen to him tonight. Mud Wasp produces an average score of over 87.5 points, and is one of the best draws in this round. Billy Robinson was 87 points on him in New York, and Austin Meier was famously 89 points on him at the World Finals. This is the bull that reinjured Meier's ankle while he was trying to get his rope pulled.

Also Watch:

Jory Markiss on 404C Gunpowder & Lead:
Gunpowder & Lead really needs no introduction. He's really the Jory Markiss of bulls. Markiss is known for being action-packed, and so is this bull. The odds are in any left-handed rider's favor against this bull, and this matchup should be exciting to watch.

Kody Lostroh on 050 MVP:
A bull with an average ride score of more than 88 points, a 33 percent buckoff percentage, and a World Champion aboard… could add up to a round win.

Ben Jones on 115 Mr. Slim:
Jones was 90.25 points on him in New York in 2011. This is another clone of Panhandle Slim, and this one has only been ridden by right-handed riders.

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