The Morning Line: Anaheim, Day 1


  • The bulls of Cody Ohl and Scott Accomazzo will play a big role in Round 1.
  • Jory Markiss and Lachlan Richardson can capitalize on favorable draws.

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ANAHEIM, Calif. ― It's no surprise that we will see nearly the same group of bulls here in Anaheim that we saw in Sacramento last week. There are two Texas contractors here that weren't in Sacramento, Calif., ― Cody Ohl and Scott Accomazzo ― and their bulls are set to play a big role in tonight's round.

Aaron Roy on 702 White Velvet:
White Velvet isn't going to do anything wild here. He's going to spin, most likely to the left, and have near perfect timing. He's the kind of bull that every guy here is capable of riding, yet he doesn't get ridden as often as you would guess. He throws off more than half his riders even at this level because he's quick and more importantly he does not miss a beat. Once he starts into a spin he keeps the pressure on the rider by not allowing any time to recover from any mistake. Instead of overpowering riders, he makes it easy for them to fall off, and 13 out of 23 guys he's faced on tour have done just that. Roy was one ― he took White Velvet 7.84 seconds in Houston last February.

Jory Markiss on K613 Whirlwind:
This is the excellent bull that J.B. Mauney rode for 86.5 points in Round 1 last week in Sacramento. Markiss has been in the headlines this season because he's made some big rides, but his riding percentage is just under 30 percent over the first five events and that's going to get him cut from the tour eventually. He's got to convert on opportunities like this one.

Cody Nance on 594 Ropin' Dreams:
This is a rematch from Greensboro, N.C. last September where Nance was 84.25 points on Ropin' Dreams. He needs more points than that to place in this round, and this bull does typically deliver better scores.

Mike Lee on U816 Wolverine Construction's Ringo:
Ringo has only been ridden a couple of times, and only by left-handed riders. Ryan Dirteater took him 5.63 seconds in Oklahoma City a couple weeks ago, and Ringo turned in a 43.5 point bull score, which translates into an 87-88 point ride ― good enough to win or place deep in most long rounds.

Lachlan Richardson on 298 Hippy Music:
Richardson is in the same situation as Markiss ― he needs to earn scores more often. This bull has been ridden four times in five outs at this level, and the top riders should dominate bulls with that kind of record.

Luke Snyder on A712 Pit Boss:
We don't see this bull very often, but he's one of the better point-producing bulls in any Built Ford Tough Series long round. His career average bull score is 43.76 points, and his average score when ridden is 87.75 points. Austin Meier rode him here in Anaheim last season for 88 points. Since then we've only seen him three times, and he's thrown off Roy, Fabiano Vieira and Kody Lostroh.

Kody Lostroh on 820 Dr. Evil:
Billy Robinson scored 84.75 points on Dr. Evil in Sacramento, but he was out of shape at the end of the ride, which cost him a point or two. This bull should be into Lostroh's hand, and we should see a good ride here.

Emilio Resende on BB88 Woody:
Silvano Alves is the only man to have ridden Woody in 14 career outs. He did it last week in Sacramento, and he made it look easy. Woody isn't easy. He spun to the right with Alves, but he threw two moves during that ride that would have thrown most guys off. Resende will have to get by some difficult changes in rhythm to get a score here.

Reese Cates on 85 Jello:
It's good to see Cates back at this level. He's done well at Touring Pro events recently. Like Markiss and Richardson, he needs to be more consistent. He's got a good bull here ― Cody Nance was 85 points on him last week in Sacramento. Jello has appeared three times at Built Ford Tough Series events and was ridden all three times.

L.J. Jenkins on 275 Ronnie Rooster:
Built Ford Tough Series riders are only 3 for 13 against this bull, but the three rides came in his last four outs. Jordan Hupp rode him in the opening round in Sacramento last week for 85 points. Jenkins, who has been battling injuries is only 1 for 5 on his bulls this season and would very much like to turn things around.

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