The Morning Line: Anaheim, Day 2


  • There were 17 qualified rides in Round 1.
  • Guilherme Marchi will get on Sancho following tonight's long round for a possible bonus of $3,000.

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ANAHEIM, Calif. ― There were 17 qualified rides in Round 1 of the Built Ford Tough Series LiftMaster Invitational on Friday.

Round 2 Matchups:

Ben Jones on 710 Little White Out:
Although this bull has been around since the 2010 season, he hasn't seen a lot of action. He's only appeared at Built Ford Tough Series events three times, and was ridden once. In his career at all levels he's been ridden far more often by right-handed riders. This should be an easy second score for Jones, but it may not be enough to place him in the money in this round.

Shane Proctor on 38 Keepin' It Real:
For a guy who already has one score, it would be hard to draw a better bull than this for Round 2. Keepin' It Real has been ridden 12 times in 20 outs on the Built Ford Tough Series. He's been ridden equally as often by right- and left-handed riders, which usually indicates a bull that has good rhythm, and this one does. He likes to spin to the left, but will usually reverse it near the end of the ride. That's exactly what he did with Jory Markiss last week in Sacramento, and it resulted in an 88.25 point score and a round win for Markiss.

Jordan Hupp on 83 T-Rex:
Hupp didn't get a score last night, and needs a big one here. T-Rex can deliver. Brendon Clark made an outstanding ride for 89.75 points on him to win the Championship Round in Sacramento last week. T-Rex bucks in a pattern similar to Bushwacker, in that he blows out of the chute with two big long jumps that carry him a good ways into the arena before he goes into a spin. This bull puts out a lot of effort, has a lot of front end movement, and isn't easy to ride at all, but he's one of the highest-marked bulls in this round.

Guilherme Marchi on 810 Ball Peen:
This bull has been ridden 5 of 11 times in his career, and 3 of 5 times when he's faced right-handed riders, and those numbers indicate he doesn't have a chance against Marchi, really. Justin McBride is the only rider in PBR history with career numbers more impressive than Marchi's, and the margin is extremely slim.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 833 Hammerhead:
Don't look now, but here's another guy from Brazil who can ride. He put up 86.5 points last night, and is likely to get another score here. Hammerhead has been ridden three times in four Built Ford Tough Series appearances.

Mike Lee on 514 Curve Ball:
This is a veteran bull who has been around since 2009, has been to the PBR World Finals twice, the National Finals Rodeo once, and has been ridden only once on the Built Ford Tough Series ― by Mike Lee in Nampa, Id., last May for 88.5 points.

J.B Mauney on T70 Shameless:
Mauney should get on the board here. Shameless has only been ridden twice in 11 career outs, both times by left-handed riders. Ty Pozzobon was 87.5 points on him at the World Finals.

Luke Snyder on 105T Back Door:
Snyder wants a second score here, and he'll probably have to get it going away from his hand. Back Door does get ridden quite often, but usually by left-handed riders. 

Brant Atwood on 821 Super Kool Kat:
This bull put the hurt on Markiss last week in Sacramento. The difference here is that Atwood rides right-handed and should have a little advantage. Super Kool Kat has been ridden four times, and all four by right-handed riders. This is a bull that likes to spin to the right, and Markiss was apparently expecting that and was overly aggressive on him and went off in the well (the inside of the spin). Atwood is trying to make his way at this level, and this is a great opportunity for him.

Billy Robinson on 980 Red Carpet:
All we know about Red Carpet is that he came to Sacramento last week and Billy Robinson rode him for 85 points. Robinson not only rode him, but rode him easily and spurred him as well. He should get it done again, but with a no score in Round 1 he could use more than 85 points here.

Bonus Bull: 

Guilherme Marchi on 296 Sancho:
Marchi may have a big night tonight. Sancho has been ridden only three times in 35 career outs, and two of those rides were by Marchi. Douglas Ferreira, also right-handed, accounted for the other qualified ride. Another righty, Silvano Alves took Sancho 7.99 seconds in Atlanta, Ga., last season. It's safe to say this bull will spin to the right, and that's not a great strategy against Marchi.

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