The Morning Line: Anaheim, Day 3


  • Shane Proctor leads heading into Round 3 and could earn his second event win of the season.
  • On Sunday, Proctor draws Buck Rogers, who has only been ridden by Guilherme Marchi.

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ANAHEIM, Calif. ― Shane Proctor is in the lead here, and if he can maintain that lead, he's got a shot at his second event win of the young season. He won in Winston-Salem, N.C., riding Circle T's After Party in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round. After Party is in the championship round today as well, and Proctor is 3 for 4 on him.

Event Leaders:

Shane Proctor on 790 Buck Rogers:
Stock Contractor Danny Reagan has already figured in the outcome of this event. Agnaldo Cardozo won Round 1 on his bull Wipeout, and the top two riders coming into today's action both drew bulls from his pen. Guilherme Marchi is the only man who has ridden this one ― he did it in Greensboro, N.C., back in September. Jason Malone had him Friday night here, and Ryan Dirteater had him last week in Sacramento ― both for no score.

Luke Snyder on 741 No Jose:
No Jose, another Reagan bull, is unridden in just four career outs. Ben Jones had him last week in Sacramento, and this will be his first trip here in Anaheim.

Agnaldo Cardozo on 923 Undercover Boss:
This is a brand new bull from Cody Ohl and Travis Medve. He made his Built Ford Tough Series debut Friday with Brant Atwood, who only stayed aboard for 3.48 seconds.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on W28 Warbird:
Warbird is unridden in 10 career outs. He made his Built Ford Tough Series debut last week in Sacramento, but fell with Nathan Schaper. This bull is in some way related to one of the more famous PBR bulls of all time ― War Dance. In fact, I think there's a good chance he may be a clone of War Dance, but I could not confirm this.

Guilherme Marchi on 302 Sic 'Em Sam:
J.B. Mauney was 87.25 points on this bull in his only prior Built Ford Tough Series appearance, which was at the World Finals in October 2011. He's been to a handful of Touring Pro events as well, and those riders are 0 for 4 on him. He essentially took last season off ― only showing up at one event.

Ben Jones on 514 Curveball:
The odds are kind of stacked against Ben here. Curve Ball has good buckoff numbers against every kind of rider. He is weakest against right-handed riders, but he still gets more than 70 percent of them on the ground. Built Ford Tough Series riders are 1 for 17 on him.

Ty Pozzobon on 594 Ropin' Dreams:
This is a bull that probably should get ridden more often than he does. He got Cody Nance in Round 1, Jordan Hupp in Sacramento, and he's been ridden only twice in seven Built Ford Tough Series outs. He's 20-4 in his career.

Renato Nunes on 786 Hot Iron:
Hot Iron has been ridden only once ― and it was by a lefty. Billy Robinson had him in Round 1 here, and didn't get the job done. With only five outs on his record, Nunes will be the best rider this bull has ever faced.

Jory Markiss on 821 Super Kool Kat:
I mentioned this bull in yesterday's morning line. Brant Atwood had him, and didn't get a score. Markiss had him last week in Sacramento, and really got into a wreck on him. Super Kool Kat spins to the right, and Markiss, holding on with his left hand, left the chute leaning way over to the right anticipating the spin, and he went right down in the well, hung up, and got knocked around a little. I'd bet he tries to stay in the middle here. Trying to react to what a bull does before he does it is a bad idea. This won't be easy for Markiss, going away from his hand, but this is a rideable bull.

Brendon Clark on 701 Showboat:
Clark only has one score, but he's about to add another here, and might win the round on this bull. He definitely out drew everyone ahead of him. Showboat carried Guilherme Marchi to an 88.75 point ride in the short go in Sacramento. He's going to spin to the right, into Clark's hand, has good timing, and is about all you could ask for in a bull.

Reese Cates on 725 Cutter Brand:
These two have met before ― back in September 2011, all the way across the country at a Touring Pro event in Archdale, N.C. Cates stayed aboard for 7.85 seconds before coming down. Cutter Brand has been ridden three times in 13 career outs, two of those by right-handed riders, and one coming just last night by righty Lachlan Richardson.

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