The Morning Line: Kansas City, Day 1


  • Round 1 features only five of 35 bulls who have been around enough to have logged at least five outs in their careers.
  • No. 1 rider Shane Proctor will ride Who Dat in the 15/15 Bucking Battle.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. ― Round 1 in Kansas City is guaranteed to be full of surprises. Only five of the 35 bulls have been around enough to have logged at least five outs in their careers. Every bull out in the round is an up and coming young bull. Some are making their Built Ford Tough Series debut, some have been to one or two already.

Only a handful have been ridden at any level, so it's hard to say what will happen here, other than that many of them are likely to be ridden for the first time tonight.

Round 1:

Silvano Alves on -83 Mescalito:
Stormy Wing was 87.5 points on Mescalito in Oklahoma City ― the only time we've seen him at the Built Ford Tough Series level.

Douglas Duncan on 1-2 Dr. Wishes:
Chase Outlaw was 89.5 points on this bull at a Touring Pro event in Kearney, Neb., in December. Since then he's been out twice, throwing off Skeeter Kingsolver, and Silvano Alves.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on G243 Pretty Boy Floyd:
Two Touring Pro outs resulted in one 88.5 point ride for this bull. This will be the toughest rider he's faced.

Jordan Hupp on 44W Stone Sober:
This is one of the few bulls in this round we know very much about. Emilio Resende made an outstanding ride on him in Oklahoma City for 88 points, and probably could have been more. He went to the left with Resende, which will be away from Hupp's hand, but Resende, who is also right-handed, was able to deal with it. This is a great draw, and the best proven bull in Round 1.

15/15 Bucking Battle:

Jory Markiss on 20U Shepherd Hills Tested:
These two met twice at the same event ― in Oklahoma City just a few weeks back. One of the outs was a match ride. Tested won both. J.B. Mauney is still the only man who has ridden this bull in 39 career outs. As a 3- and 4-year-old in 2011 and 2012, he went to the PBR World Finals and the National Finals Rodeo both years, and was the ABBI Classic Champion in 2012. And he just turned 5 years old about a week ago. That's quite a resume for such a young bull.

Billy Robinson on 654 Stanley Fat Max:
Fat Max is 57-3 in his career, and 25-2 against the world's best riders. He's never been ridden by a lefty. If you take the current top 100 PBR bulls, and factor in their difficulty, only two bulls grade out better ― Rango and Bushwacker.

Sean Willingham on 20T Train Wreck:
If this were a draft round, Train Wreck would probably be the number one pick. He's a little better to ride than the other 14 bulls in this round. That said, Willingham won Oklahoma City, and this was the one bull that threw him off there.

Guilherme Marchi on JC6 South Paw:
Marchi rode this bull for 88.75 points at the World Finals. If he rides him today he will be well over that, because South Paw is that much better now. He doesn't make the headlines like Bushwacker and Asteroid, but South Paw may be the closest thing to them right now. He's got speed, power and agility and he uses every bit of it. If any bull is going to seriously challenge the top two this season, this one has all the tools.

Agnaldo Cardozo on 793 RMEF Bugle II:
This bull is relatively new to the PBR, but since his debut in New York, he's been nothing but impressive. He's right behind Shepherd Hills Tested in average bull score at 44.42 points over six outs. In those six outs he's thrown off a who's who of bull riders.

Douglas Duncan on 107 Rock & Roll:
Rock and Roll is unridden in 24 Built Ford Tough Series outs, but he's far from unrideable. He's a snappy bull with a lot of action and less than perfect rhythm, but he probably won't make it through this season without someone getting a score on him. He will probably fall to a left-handed rider, and it well could happen right here.

Luke Snyder on 540 King Lopez:
These two have met twice before ― once in each of the past two seasons. King Lopez came out on top each time. King Lopez has been very efficient at getting the best riders on the ground, and he does it by changing things up within his spin. He bucks hard and with a steady rhythm, but when he settles into a spin he never really settles. One jump he moves forward a bit, the next jump or two he won't. He will tighten up his spin or he will start to loosen up into a tight circle. He subtly changes things up enough to where the rider can never really get comfortable.

J.B. Mauney on 875 Altercation:
Altercation hasn't been ridden by a left-handed rider before, but he doesn't have a lot of experience at all. While he's thrown a lot of very capable riders, he's still one of the better bulls to ride in this group, and Mauney should be able to handle him.

Jordan Hupp on 6220 RFD-HD:
Nathan Schaper rode RFD-HD in the 15/15 round in Winston-Salem, NC. Hupp has ridden him before as well - at the 2011 World Finals. This bull doesn't look like he's much fun, but a ride here means a lot. Hupp is capable, and needs the points.

Aaron Roy on 656 New Holland Power Star:
This bull was ridden just once ― way back in January 2011 at a rodeo. He was young and had a pretty weak day. He's a force now ― one of the best bulls in the PBR. Most guys don't even come close to riding him. Don't count Roy out, though. Not many big guys have tried this bull, and being tall isn't a disadvantage in every aspect of riding.

Ty Pozzobon on 3 Mississippi Hippy:
This may be the rider's least favorite bull in this round. He's a monster ― weighing in at around 2,200 pounds. He's not exceptionally fast or agile, and he does tend to follow a predictable pattern, but during this ride focus on Pozzobon's riding hand in his rope. The part of this bull where the rider's hand goes rocks back and forth a great deal, and there is a lot of weight behind that rocking motion. It's like trying to hang on to a school bus cruising over a series of moguls.

Marco Eguchi on K14 Yellow Jacket Jr.:
Yellow Jacket Jr has over 100 outs in his career, and he's only been ridden 13 times. Two of those rides belong to right handed riders ― and he is 32-2 against right-handed riders at all levels. But, it's not all about which way he spins. Most guys who get on Yellow Jacket Jr. have a pretty tough time staying on him long enough to discover that he does spin.

Silvano Alves on K55 Smackdown:
Smackdown has been ridden a dozen times, but never when he's gone away from a rider's hand. He has been ridden by one right-handed rider ― Douglas Ferreira ― at the 2011 World Finals, but he spun to the right, into Ferreira's hand. He typically spins to the left. In 76 career outs, no one has conquered him away from their riding hand. Alves is as good a rider as we've ever seen, and he needs to convert more often on these top ranked bulls, but he's facing a tough task here.

Shane Proctor on 521 Who Dat:
This should be one of the easiest bulls in this round. He probably wouldn't be here at all if Jeff Robinson's Delco wasn't off with a sore foot after last week. That said, Who Dat is much better at unseating right-handed riders than he is lefties. Proctor has tried him twice before with no success.

Mike Lee on 13/6 Bushwacker:
Right now, Bushwacker is not just a tough hill to climb ― he's a mountain. The question all week has been whether Mike Lee will become the 38th straight Built Ford Tough Series rider to fall victim to Bushwacker. The odds say he almost certainly will. Bushwacker is not impossible to ride, but he has looked pretty close. Lee will need to ride his best and catch a lucky break or two, or four, to end the streak.

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