The Morning Line: Kansas City, Day 2


  • Rowdy All Night hasn’t been ridden by a left-handed rider yet, and Joao Ricardo Vieira will be the 17th one he’s faced.
  • Round 2 features a number of young or relatively new bulls on the Built Ford Tough Series.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. ― Event leaders:

Ty Pozzobon on 6810 Compact: We don't know much about this bull ― he's only had five career outs and is unridden, but hasn't really faced any riders of this caliber. Pozzobon is having a good season, and is looking to grow turn it into a great season, and going 2-for-2 here would help.

Eduardo Aparecido on W26 Iron Hide: This is another bull with only a few outs and no qualified rides. Two riders have taken him past 7 seconds, both at Touring Pro Events. This will be his Built Ford Tough Series debut, and again ― Aparecido will be the best rider he's faced yet.

Mike Lee on 7312 Whitewater Trouble: They met in Tampa last September, and Lee didn't make the whistle. Lots of riders have had trouble with Whitewater Trouble. He's been ridden just twice in 33 career outs. He can turn back either way, has a lot of action, a lot of lateral movement and doesn't really pound out a steady rhythm. He's a handful.

Emilio Resende on 821 Happy Feet: Happy Feet is unridden in just five career outs, but he's faced five very capable riders as well. Austin Meier rode him the longest in New York ― just 4.26 seconds. He spun to the left with Meier, was fast and extremely welly, which means he wants to throw the rider to the inside of the spin. Resende can't be overly aggressive here.

Harve Stewart on 842 Hou's Back: Hou's Back has only been ridden once ― in Anaheim a few weeks back by Renato Nunes for 88.5 points. He backed out of the chute with Nunes, and his stats indicate he may be hard to get out clean on. But, if he has the same kind of trip here, he's one of the best bulls to draw in this round, if not the entire event, or any other event. He was exactly what most riders like in Anaheim.

Renato Nunes takes on Hou's Back in Anaheim, Calif.

Stetson Lawrence on -22 Party All The Time: Lawrence has a great chance to get a second score here. Party All The Time has been ridden in seven of his last eight outs, and has been ridden by left-handed guys more often as well. This is a quality bull though ― he's a good draw, but not a piece of cake. He's been ridden a lot recently because he's drawn very good riders. The top-tier riders account for 10 of the 12 rides he's given up in 35 career outs. He isn't ridden by lesser riders very often.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 133 Rookie: We've only seen this bull once before, and as it happens, Oliveira had him. He was 80.25 points on him in Tulsa last season. Rookie has had one recorded out since then, and did pretty well, so he's getting a second chance here.

J.B. Mauney on 14 Razor Willie: We have two recorded outs on this bull, and he's been ridden once. Jory Markiss had him in St. Louis last week and didn't get the job done. Mauney should get another score here. Razor Willie is stepping up to a level he hasn't been to before.

Agnaldo Cardozo on 801 Razor Blade: Razor Blade has been ridden five times in nine career outs. He's faced mostly right-handed guys, and they have dominated him. At times this bull turns in pretty impressive scores. Two different guys were over 88 points on him last season, and he turned in a 44.5 point bull score with Lachlan Richardson in Oklahoma City.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 7R3 Rowdy All Night: Rowdy All Night hasn't been ridden by a left-handed rider yet, and Vieira will be the 17th one he's faced. There's no secret as to why. He likes to spin to the right, and is good at it. This is one of the higher rated bulls in this round, and he's appeared in short rounds a number of times.

Marco Eguchi on U805 Cashing In: In just seven career outs, Cashing In has been ridden twice. Both times came last season. In his only 2013 appearance, he tossed Cody Johnson in Oklahoma City, and turned in a pretty good bull score there. This is a grandson of Don Kish's famous bull Cash, who played a part in many big rides in PBR history.

L.J. Jenkins on 46W Clubber Lang: This is another young bull with a little family history in the PBR. He's a third-generation PBR bucker. He's a son of Page's 009 Showtime, and a grandson of Page's Crossfire Hurricane. He's been ridden twice in five attempts, both times at the Denver Touring Pro event in January. Michael Lane and Shane Proctor both got good scores on him there. He threw off Valdiron de Oliveira just last week in St. Louis. Jenkins hasn't had a great season so far, but that will change, because he's got the talent and the drive to change it.

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