The Morning Line: St. Louis, Day 1


  • The marquee matchup in Round 1 is Shane Proctor aboard Flint.
  • 18-year-old Paige Stout brought five bulls who have never competed on the BFTS.
  • Round 1 features a mix of quality bulls and newcomers to the BFTS.

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ST. LOUIS ― Tonight's round looks pretty salty on the bull side. Over the past three events, the riders have been getting 17 or 18 bulls ridden in Round 1. I'd look for that number to go down here, but there are a lot of unknown bulls out tonight as well, so they could swing things in the riders' favor.

Some of the unknown bulls belong to 18-year-old Texan Paige Stout. She brought five bulls here, none of which have been to a PBR event before, and tonight her bulls will face Edevaldo Ferreira, Jordan Hupp, Silvano Alves, Wesley Lourenco and Douglas Duncan.

Chase Outlaw on 510 Stinger:
This is one of the better bulls in the round, and a great draw for Outlaw. Stinger is primarily a pattern spinner type bull, but he's got some interesting moves. Once he drops into a spin, he turns up the speed almost immediately. He likes to spin to the left, and has been ridden quite often by left-handed riders, but if he decides to reverse the spin, he can do it as fast as any bull ever has.

LJ Jenkins on 871 Hell Pony:
Hell Pony doesn't have a long history ― only seven career outs ― but when he's faced the better riders he's been ridden. He's not quite 5 years old yet, and spent last season competing at a limited number of ABBI Classic events. Ryan McConnel, Jordan Hupp, and Stormy Wing all earned scores on him in 2012.

Shane Proctor on D05 Flint:
This is the matchup of the night by a country mile. It's actually a rematch from the 15/15 round in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago, where Flint got the best of Proctor at 7.61 seconds. Flint is the best bull available in this round, and right now, Proctor is the best rider in the PBR. He's ridden 68.75 percent of his bulls so far, which is way better than anyone else, and more than enough to win him a World Championship. Although it's a long season, this is a key matchup for Proctor because he's dominating right now, and the only area in which he could improve is making the whistle on the top-tier bulls, one of which he's got here. He's 1 for 4 on them this season, and if he can bump that 25 percent up to 40-50 percent and maintain everything else he's doing, he will walk away with the World Championship.

Emilio Resende on 675 Alternator:
Alternator has seen action three times so far this season, tossing Resende in New York in one of those outs. He got the best of Aaron Roy and Luke Snyder in his other two appearances. This is a bull that Resende should be able to handle. Truthfully, most of the guys here should be able to handle him. Alternator typically doesn't have a lot of rhythm, which is how he's able to get nearly 80 percent of his riders on the ground. But, he doesn't really overpower guys, and it's possible to recover from a bad position on him. For Resende to get a score here, he'll probably have to make a couple of recoveries during this ride.

Jared Farley on 7 Lucky 7:
This is one of the easier to ride bulls out tonight, and he's been easiest for left-handed riders. Lucky 7 has been ridden all three times he's appeared this season ― twice by Ryan Dirteater and once by Cody Johnson.

Eduardo Aparecido on 706 Backdraft:
Three Built Ford Tough Series riders have tried this bull, resulting in two qualified rides and a 7.51 second effort by Austin Meier. Meanwhile Aparecido is 4 for 7 on tour this season, which isn't too shabby. Only four guys in all of bull riding stayed on 4 out of every 7 last season.

Guilherme Marchi on 346 Hillbilly Bones:
Hillbilly Bones has had three right-handed riders on him, two of them made the whistle, and one of those was Marchi in Des Moines, Iowa, last April. Look for Marchi to get the job done again here.

Valdiron de Oliveira on T29 Josey Wales:
Last time we saw Oliveira was at the World Finals. He was injured then, and only rode 2 of 6 bulls, but this bull was one of them ― in Round 3. Josey Wales can be strong, and can have some big, wild jumps, but a healthy Oliveira should ride him every time.

Jarrod Craig on 184 Soggy Hill's Denali:
Craig is here as an alternate, and he's got a bull he's likely to get a score on. Denali has been ridden both times he's appeared on the Built Ford Tough Series, and in 3 of 6 outs overall.

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