The Morning Line: St. Louis, Day 2


  • Ty Pozzobon leads after Round 1.
  • Fabiano Vieira is 15 for his last 17 rides dating back to last year.
  • Silvano Alves has a favorable draw on The Game Changer.

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ST. LOUIS ― Round 2 Matchups:

Fabiano Vieira on -703 Let 'Er Rip:
Vieira has been out of action since Chicago, but here's an interesting stat: he was 2 for 5 at the World Finals, but since then he's climbed on 17 bulls that we have recorded (there are always some recent Touring Pro events that haven't made it into the data yet), and he's turned in 15 scores. That's 15 of his last 17. This bull is 27-9 overall and 10-4 on the Built Ford Tough Series level. He's 6-5 against the best riders on the Built Ford Tough Series level, and Vieira is certainly one of the best riders, only recently he's been… better.

Shane Proctor on 156 Larry the Cable Guy's Git-R-Done:
For the second night in a row, Proctor is half of one of the most interesting matchups of the night. The situation is a bit different here though. If bulls were days of the week, then yesterday, Proctor had a Friday and today he's got a Monday. Bulls can have varying degrees of performance and difficulty, and while they are linked in a way, they aren't locked to each other. Flint, the bull Proctor had last night was high on performance, and this bull features his difficulty a little more. He's got a jerky sort of rhythm that can jar riders loose, and it works ― he's only been ridden six times in his 47-out career. Proctor is doing everything right at the moment. If he can go to work on this bull and come out with a score, he deserves to be winning the event. Bull Riding isn't always styling and profiling ― sometimes it's a grind, and bulls like this are why.

Ty Pozzobon on K157 Firestorm:
Pozzobon had this bull twice last season. He got a no score in Des Moines, Iowa, last April, but then rode him for 89.5 points at a Touring Pro event in Big Sky, Mont., in August. Firestorm likes to spin to the right ― away from Pozzobon's hand. I'm not sure how Firestorm is bred, but he looks and bucks a lot like Rapid Fire, a famous bull from the 1990's.

Silvano Alves on 6 The Game Changer:
This bull has been ridden in 9 of 17 Built Ford Tough Series outs, and that is just not the record of a bull that can get Alves on the ground.

Agnaldo Cardozo on 800 Sucker Punch:
This aptly named bull really doesn't look like much fun to ride. He's the opposite of smooth, and he doesn't have good timing. But, he's been ridden in 4-of-6 Built Ford Tough Series outs. Part of the reason is that he spends a lot of his energy pounding the ground with his front feet, and while this gives him a rough feel and accounts for his lack of rhythm, it also creates hesitation which allows the rider to keep up, and it forces the rider's body into a good position. This bucking style is reminiscent of another Jeff Robinson bull ― I'm a Gangster ― but this bull isn't as adept at it. The numbers say Cardozo should get another score here, but a quick look at this bull says it may not be a very pleasant ride.

Brendon Clark on 10S Chin Music:
It looks like Clark may easily pick up a second score here. Chin Music has been a right-handed rider's best friend for most of his career. He's thrown off 82 percent of the left-handed riders who have faced him, but only 28 percent of the righties. He's been ridden in 4 of his last 5 outs going back to Nashville, Tenn., in September 2012.

Eduardo Aparecido on 215 Prince of Darkness:
Prince of Darkness has been around for a while, but doesn't get out much. He's been ridden in 4 of his last 6 outs, but that takes us all the way back to September 2010. Aparecido hasn't been around nearly that long, at least here in the U.S., but what little we've seen of him appears to indicate he knows what he's doing.

Jordan Hupp on 93 Plummer Butt:
This is a bull that is ridden half the time at the Built Ford Tough Series level, and around 1-in-10 trips at Touring Pro events. He's been ridden in his three most recent outs, including the World Finals, where L.J. Jenkins earned 89.25 points on him. Hupp is having a solid season so far, and starting out with two scores here would be a big help.

Wesley Lourenco on 85 Big & Rich:
We haven't seen Lourenco on tour since the 2011 World Finals, and he didn't get a score in Round 1 here. In Round 2, he's got one of the best bulls we'll see all weekend. Big & Rich has five outs on tour, and he's turned in bull scores that average 44 points. Not many bulls maintain that. Big & Rich has been ridden twice, by Guilherme Marchi and J.B. Mauney, for scores of 88 and 88.5 points respectively. Lourenco won't get an easy score here, but if he can get one, it will be high.

Luke Snyder on 617 Cool Hand Luke:
Clearly this should be a perfect match, but Snyder has had this bull twice before and has nothing to show for it. He came down in 6.37 seconds in Des Moines, Iowa, last April, and just a month later in Nampa, Idaho, he tried him again and ended up with a re-ride. The last three riders to face Cool Hand Luke have all come away with a score.

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