The Morning Line: St. Louis, Day 3


  • Round 3 of the Kawasaki Invitational presented by Cooper Tires gets underway Sunday.
  • Event leader Ty Pozzobon will ride Flint in Round 3.
  • Until Saturday, Paleface had put 34-straight challengers on the dirt.

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ST. LOUIS ― Event Leaders:

Ty Pozzobon on D05 Flint:
A good way for Pozzobon to stay in the lead would be to stay on this bull. Flint is a quality draw in any long round, but he's only been ridden three times. Guilherme Marchi and Valdiron de Oliveira got by him last season, and Shane Proctor rode him in Round 1 here for 86.75 points. Flint is probably going to spin to the right ― away from Pozzobon's hand.

Marco Eguchi on 89W Little Andy:
Eguchi has looked unstoppable this weekend, and this bull isn't likely to get in the way of him getting his third score here. Little Andy has been ridden twice in four outs this season. Bulls that get ridden half the time are among the easiest bulls riders face at this level.

Brendon Clark on 630 Paleface:
Eguchi made an outstanding ride on Paleface last night, but that was the first time anyone has really gotten by this bull. He was ridden one other time ― back in 2009, in his first career out, and the weakest out in his career as well. From then up to last night he put down 34-straight challengers, some of them among the world's best riders.

Silvano Alves on 23S Stretch Armstrong:
Unlike most of the bulls that go up against Alves, this one actually has a résumé that suggests he may be able to win the match. He has 63 career outs, and since the end of 2010 he's been ridden about once per season. Chris Shivers is the last man to ride him ― in January 2012, and in that outing he didn't look to be all that difficult. He's got quite a bit of speed, and is likely to spin to the left, which won't help Alves. Then again, the guy really doesn't have a weakness. This will be a battle.

Jordan Hupp on 5112 Ballistic:
This bull made his Built Ford Tough Series debut last night, and he did it with style ― he was one of the best bulls in Round 2. He's been around for a good while, mostly on the rodeo trail, and doesn't get ridden very often. Hupp made a great ride last night. He didn't have the highest score, but he rode a shifty bull that wasn't nearly as easy as he made it look. Ballistic is likely to spin into his hand here.

Renato Nunes on 618 VIP:
We don't know much about this bull. Agnaldo had him in October 2012 in Columbus, Ohio, and didn't make the whistle. He got three more outs at the Denver and Pueblo Touring Pro events in January and remains unridden.

Eduardo Aparecido on 675 Alternator:
Alternator has been ridden just four times in 20 outs. He's put Emilio Resende down twice so far this season, along with Aaron Roy and Luke Snyder. Meanwhile, Aparecido is 7-for-12 this year, which is pretty impressive.

Fabiano Vieira on U2 Prince Albert:
This is definitely the pick of the litter in this round, especially for a left-handed rider. Pozzobon won Round 1 on him. Vieira has had him twice, and is 1-1 on him.

Luke Snyder on 900 Super Bull:
Lachlan Richardson had this bull in Round 1, and didn't make the whistle, but Reese Cates rode him at a Touring Pro event in the only other out we have on record.

Zack Brown on 15U Electric Prune:
Electric Prune has appeared on tour just three times, and two of those outs resulted in a RR, though they were not performance related. He's been ridden only three times in 15 career outs overall.

Chase Outlaw on 103T Shepherd Hill Sodbuster:
This is one of the more difficult bulls in this round. He's been ridden just six times in 56 career outs, most recently by Chris Shivers at the World Finals for 90.75 points. Sodbuster typically isn't a high- level bull in terms of points, but in terms of difficulty plus performance, he's a better package deal than many short round bulls.

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