The Morning Line: Sacramento, Day 2


  • A number of bulls going Saturday are relative unknowns on the BFTS.
  • Stubby, formerly Stanley FatMax, has 104 career outs.
  • The 15/15 Bucking Battle will air Saturday on CBS at 1 p.m. ET.

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Event Leaders:

J.B. Mauney on 606 Poison Control:
We only have one out on record for Poison Control from the Touring Pro Series level. He wasn't ridden, but he didn't face anyone like Mauney.

Billy Robinson on 820 Dr. Evil:
This bull made his only previous Built Ford Tough Series appearance at Des Moines, Iowa, last April. He threw off Cord McCoy in the first round, and then had a poor trip with Silvano Alves in Round 3, earning Alves only 68.5 points. He's been marked well at several Touring Pro events since then, and no one else has made the whistle on him.

Guilherme Marchi on 6799 Sleeper:
Two things point to Marchi in this matchup. While Sleeper hasn't been ridden all that often, he's been better to right-handed riders. He likes to spin to the right, and Marchi prefers that. Also, Marchi has ridden him before ― for 84.25 points at the 2010 World Finals.

Jordan Hupp on 691 Roadkill:
This bull is making only his second Built Ford Tough Series appearance here. He was in Fresno, Calif., in 2010, where Mauney earned 84.5 points on him. We do have a good bit of history on him from the past year or so on the rodeo circuit, and overall he's been ridden three times in 15 outs. He has only faced a handful of guys who can ride at this level, though.

Brendon Clark on 481 Spike:
This bull has been around since the beginning of 2011, although we only have 10 total outs recorded for him in that time. He's been ridden 5 of 10 overall, and 4 of 5 on the Built Ford Tough Series. Look for Clark to get a second score here.

Aaron Roy on D26 Stubby:
You may not recognize this bull's name right away because he's been called Stanley FatMax for the last couple of years. Yesterday in the Morning Line, I talked about bulls that move forward, and Stubby is essentially the world champion of moving backward. In his prime it was not unusual to see him jump backward several feet. As you can imagine, this tends to make riders fall off over the front end. Stubby has 104 career outs, he's been ridden 13 times overall, eight of them on the Built Ford Tough Series level in 45 attempts. Roy is responsible for one of those rides, and is 1 for 2 against him overall. Stubby is nearing the end of his career, and Roy should have the edge here only for that reason. In his prime, Stubby would have been favored to throw anyone off.

Douglas Duncan on 1030 Bar Code:
This bull is statistically one of the better draws in this round. He is ridden about 40 percent of the time in the PBR. He's appeared more often at the Touring Pro level, and he's been ridden in 4 of his last 5 outings going back to July 2012.

Edevaldo Ferreira on 435 Maximum Justice:
Ferreira should be able to get a scouting report on this bull. In his only two recorded outs, he threw off Emilio Resende, and was ridden by Fabiano Vieira ― both in October 2012.

Sean Willingham on 826 Slim Jim:
This bull is making his debut here, and we have no history at all on him. Willingham, who we have a lot of history on, turned in two scores last night, and is definitely on a roll. If he can get by Shepherd Hills Trapper, I can't imagine what this bull will be able to do to deny him a score here.

Robson Palermo on 601 Rack City:
Rack City has been ridden in four of his last five outs, including Touring Pro events, and Palermo will be the best rider he's ever faced. Palermo is the best rider a lot of bulls have ever faced, because he's arguably the best bull rider of his era.

Shane Proctor on W3 Buckmaster:
Buckmaster is unridden in eight career outs. Proctor will be the best rider he's faced, but he has thrown off some familiar names, including Skeeter Kingsolver and Cody Ford.

Ryan Dirteater on 790 Buck Rogers:
Marchi is the only man who's earned a score on this bull in just three career attempts. Marchi was 84 points on him in Greensboro, N.C., last season.

L.J. Jenkins on T70 Shameless:
Ty Pozzobon rode this bull for 87.5 points at the World Finals in October. Cody Ford is the only other man to ride him ― for 90.5 points at a Salinas, Calif., Touring Pro event last season.

Mike Lee on 21 Bird in a Glass:
Look for Lee to get a second score here. Bird in a Glass has been ridden twice in only four career outs. Lee will be the best rider he's faced yet.

Silvano Alves on 62 Mr. Bull:
Mr. Bull has been ridden a couple times, once each by brothers Pete and Jared Farley, in fact. He really hasn't faced a lot of top level riders, and it's a pretty safe bet that Alves will get another score.

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