The Morning Line: Oklahoma City, day 2


  • Several championship round-quality bulls will buck Saturday night in Round 2.
  • Silvano Alves will look to start another consecutive rides streak tonight on Deja Voodoo.
  • Harve Stewart, who finished fourth in Round 1, draws a favorable matchup in Tracker.

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We should see a pretty stout group of bulls tonight. Several of these bulls are borderline short round quality, some are brand new, and a number of them haven’t been ridden yet.

JW Harris on -969 Little Bighorn:

Harris had a handful of bull last night and couldn’t hang on to it. He should have an easier time here. Little Bighorn has been ridden in nearly half his Built Ford Tough Series outs. He’s pretty much going to do the same thing Bruiser did last night, but he’ll be less intense. He should spin to the left about one jump out. The down side is that where Harris probably would have been 91-93 points last night, that probably won’t happen on this bull. Unless the bull just outdoes himself, he’s usually worth 86-87 points.

Reese Cates on 00 Set ‘Em Up Joe:

LJ Jenkins was 88 points on this bull to win the opening round in Springfield, Missouri, last season. Cates won the first event of the season, but he’s only put one score up since then. This is a chance for him to hit the points jackpot again. Joe went to the right with Jenkins, which should fit Cates well.

Renato Nunes on 00 Wagon Wheel:

Wagon Wheel has been around for a couple of years now, and when he first came on tour he looked like a bull that might get ridden a lot. He doesn’t look strong. But, he’s only been ridden a couple of times in 26 career outs.  It seems that he’s harder than he looks, which is the opposite of what guys want. The best draws are bulls that look harder than they really are.

Kasey Hayes on 85 Winter Jack:

This is a great matchup. Winter Jack is the best bull out tonight on paper, although it doesn’t always work out that way. He’ll go to the left, and he’s given up a lot of great rides to left-handed riders. Hayes has an easy style that always makes bulls look their best, and this should result in a good score.

Ryan Dirteater on 96 Redneck:

This is a bull that likes to spin to the right, but he’s 0-3 against left-handed riders. That kind of backwards stat always indicates a bull with near perfect timing. Matt Triplett placed on him in Tulsa, and Kasey Hayes placed on him in Colorado Springs, Colorado, last season.

Sean Willingham on 701 Shepherd Hills Stockman:

We’ve seen this bull in a lot of short rounds, where he’s usually the nicest bull to have in the short round. In a long round, he’s a great draw. Riders have turned in 12 qualified rides on him, and if the same point system had been in place, those rides would have earned a total of 865 points, or about 72 BFTS points per ride. That’s a lot of first and second place finishes in rounds. He’s the second highest rated proven bull in this round.

Silvano Alves on 141 Deja Voodoo:

Alves had a brand new bull last night, and that one broke his riding streak. This one is fairly new as well, and this will be his first BFTS out, but he does have three Touring Pro Division outs in the books, and was ridden in two of them. If you think Alves had a magic spell and it was broken yesterday, you would be wrong. He should bounce back and ride this bull easily. Alves is a consummate competitor, and nothing shakes him. He just plain fell off last night, but don’t think that means it will happen again.

LJ Jenkins on 017 Crazy Horse:

There’s not a lot of history on this bull, just two outs on tour and one Touring Pro Division out on record. But, he was ridden all three times, including an 88-point effort that won second in a round in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last season. He had great timing with Gay, and he should fit Jenkins pretty well.

Mike Lee on 818 Bulletproof:

This is a bull that makes the highlight reel for all the wrong reasons -- for wiping people out. He’s a quality bull, and he’s likely to spin to the right if he can find his way out of the chute. He gets antsy in there and thinks he’s supposed to leave out of the top. Bulls can sense when the gate is about to open, and Bulletproof just can’t wait. He’s given some guys trouble by taking off too soon. He’s really one of the better draws in the pen if he comes out clean. Silvano Alves was 88.5 points on him at Last Cowboy Standing last year.

Harve Stewart on 013 Tracker:

Stewart has a chance to put two good rides together here. He was fourth in the round last night, and he could go that or better tonight. Tracker carried Ryan Dirteater to second place in a round in Springfield, Missouri, last season, and Tanner Byrne was sixth in a round on him at the World Finals. This is a snappy little bull, and he’s showy. He can step forward a little, but he’s got great timing and looks easy to track. Bulls that show well, but are less difficult to ride than they look are always good draws.

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