The Morning Line: Sioux Falls, day 2


  • Silvano Alves draws Cowtown Slinger, a bull who has put many riders into the money.
  • Round 1 winner J.W. Harris has a bull, Arrow Truck Sales Hot Iron, who could also deliver him a win in Round 2.
  • Joao Ricardo Vieira draws Oyster Creek, a bull who helped Harris to a win in Round 1.

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Round 2 matchups

Silvano Alves on 807 Cowtown Slinger:

This is one of the better draws in all of bull riding, and riders have won a ton of money on him. He’s not easy, but he does get ridden fairly often, and for an average score of 88.5 points. Alves has been on him twice. He rode him at the World Finals in 2013, and bucked off right at the whistle last month in St. Louis, Missouri. This is one of the best bulls in the round, and really one of the best bulls in the PBR for putting guys in the money.

Stormy Wing on 954 Little Joe:

This is the bull that threw Shane Proctor off last night. Ryan Dirteater won a round on him in St. Louis, and Wing will look pretty good on this bull if he can get the job done. With Dirteater, this bull went to the right. This is a showy bull, but he’s not an easy one. His timing can change, and he can move around in the spin. Wing will have to ride smart here or he’ll get hung out to dry.

Tanner Byrne on D05 Flint:

Flint has always been one of those bulls who looks like a short rounder at times, but he doesn’t quite do it consistently enough. In a long round he’s usually one of the better bulls and can produce pretty good scores most of the time. He will probably go to the right, and he can come back under himself pretty hard, wanting the rider down on his head, particularly right when he starts into a spin. Byrne should be able to deal with that pretty easily. His riding style is well suited for this type of bull. Flint can also jump out of the spin and when that happens it’s just a scramble to the whistle, because he can get a little out of line.

J.W. Harris on 786 Arrow Truck Sales Hot Iron:

Harris won the round last night, and he could certainly win Round 2 on this bull, but the difficulty level here is going way up. Where his bull last night had very even timing, this one really doesn’t. He leaves the chute like he’s trying to leave town, and after a few long, frenetic jumps, he will settle into a spin where his timing will improve, but he can be welly here — wanting the rider to the inside of the spin. He’s a tricky bull to ride, and his record bears that out — he hasn’t been ridden since April of last year. He doesn’t spend a lot of time hanging in the air letting the rider show off — he skates around close to the ground and makes the rider work the whole time.

L.J. Jenkins on 914 Say I Won’t Playboy:

This is a rematch from Kansas City, Missouri. Jenkins nearly rode this bull there — staying on for 7.33 seconds. Zane Lambert did ride him in Sacramento, California, and before that, Lachlan Richardson rode him at a Touring Pro Division event in 2013. Those are the only two rides he’s given up in 15 career outs, and both went to right-handed riders. Renato Nunes had him last night, and didn’t make it far.

Mike Lee on 122 Cooper Tires Semper Fi:

This is a pretty nice bull with a pretty nice set of horns that may make him look like he’s doing more than he is. He should spin into Lee’s hand here and give him a chance to show off, but quite a few very good left-handed riders thought the same thing and walked away with a no score.

Cooper Davis on -5 Live Action:

Live Action has been ridden three times in five BFTS outs, most recently by Nathan Schaper at the Iron Cowboy.  That’s the only time we’ve seen him this year. Outside the BFTS, he hasn’t been ridden. Davis needs the qualified rides, and this bull could get him a second score here.

Ryan Dirteater on 911 Hy Test:

Dirteater was 88.5 points on Hy Test to win a round in St. Louis in 2013. This bull will crank it back to the left as soon as they open the gate, but he’s an easy bull to stay in time with, and most left-handed guys do well on him. He’s 2-7 against lefties in his career, and he’s been ridden 11 times in 18 BFTS outs.

Douglas Duncan on 903 Rock River Red:

This is a bull that potentially can’t be beat in this round if Duncan can stay on. He’s been that good at times, but he can have some days where he’s not all that. Either way, he isn’t ridden much, and left-handed guys have more trouble with him because he goes to the right. This is a quality bull that can be better than any other bull in this round, and Duncan could be a lot of points here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 94X Oyster Creek:

Vieira had a tough job last night, and got the job done. This bull should be a lot easier on him. J.W. Harris won last night’s round on Oyster Creek, and he went to the left with rock- solid timing. This should be like a vacation day for Vieira. The only thing that might cause him trouble is that this bull is a little slower than many, and he’s got quite a bit of up and down.


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