The Morning Line: Eugene, Day 2


  • Joao Ricardo Vieira has a big matchup in Round 2. Percolator is a throwback kind of bull, and Vieira should have a good chance at a score.
  • Kaique Pacheco dominated in Saturday's 15/15 Bucking Battle as well as his ride in Round 1. He has a good chance to ride Copper Star in Round 2.
  • Jess Lockwood knew he let one get away last weekend in Colorado Springs, so he'll be looking to get back into the championship round with a Round 2 ride on Just Juan.

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Morning Line – Eugene, Day 2

Cody Nance on 00 Gravedigger:

Nance didn’t record a score last night, but he has a decent chance to get one here. Gravedigger has given up qualified rides the last three times we’ve seen him, two by Kaique Pacheco, and one by Shane Proctor.

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Gage Gay on 667 Pops:

This is the Built Ford Tough Series debut for this bull, but he’s been ridden three times in seven Touring Pro Division outs since June. He’s 1-2 against right-handed riders, and Gay should be able to pick up a good second score.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 706 Percolator

This is the bull and the matchup that just jumps off the page in this round. Percolator is getting older, but he’s always been a fantastic draw for left-handed riders, and in his prime he was a high level short-round bull. Percolator has been ridden 22 times in his career, 15 of those for round wins. That’s an amazing record. Vieira has been on him twice, and rode him once for 90.75 points and a round win.

Kaique Pacheco on 062 Copper Star:

Pacheco increased his lead in the standings by winning the 15/15 Bucking Battle last night, and he picked up a score in Round 1 as well. He could turn this into a big weekend if he can get by this bull. Copper Star has been ridden four times in 30 career outs, but all four of those were by right-handed riders. Pacheco has a good chance to get a score here, but it may not be a big score.

Mason Lowe on 03 Redbone:

This is one of the better draws in the round. Statistically he’s a little better fit for left-handed riders, but he’s been ridden by righties a number of times. He’s a good sized bull, and he’s pretty predictable. Every bull rider here has seen him plenty of times, and seeing him is enough to know what he’s going to feel like. Lowe won’t be surprised by anything Redbone does.

Stetson Lawrence on 908 Americana:

Lawrence didn’t get on the board last night, but he certainly should here. Americana is almost a free pass to a score. He’s given up seven rides in ten outs this season. In his career he’s been ridden 14 times, but only one of those was for a round win. He usually goes to the left, he has good timing and he doesn’t have a hard corner. He makes it easy for riders to get him started, and Lawrence should get him finished as well.

Cooper Davis on Y1 Crazy Days:

Davis needs to get rolling again after sitting out a couple of events with an injury. He didn’t get anything done last night, but he’s got an interesting draw here. Joao Ricardo Vieira rode Crazy Days in Colorado Springs for 84.75 points, but he’s usually a better bull than that. He can be good enough to get Davis a round win here, but he can also be pretty heavy and difficult to ride at times. He has a little move where he launches himself out of the chute sometimes. It’s not the normal move a bull makes leaving there, and it can be tough to handle. This should be a good matchup to watch.

Jess Lockwood on 026 Just Juan:

Tyler Harr rode this bull for 86.75 points at the Last Cowboy Standing in May, and if he has the same trip here, Lockwood will handle it easily. Lockwood did get a score last night, and another one would put him in position to win the event for the second week in a row. He let one slip in Colorado Springs.

Ryan Dirteater on 00 Set ‘Em Up Joe:

Dirteater held on to a 65.25 point score rather than take a re-ride last night, and the only reason for that is that he’s hoping to place high in the average. He’s betting on everyone else failing, and coming off an event last week where they couldn’t fill up the short round, that’s not a bad bet. It does make this matchup more important, though, because Dirteater must ride here. Even if he does, first place may be out of his reach. Set ‘Em Up Joe is a quality bull, and he could be worth 85-87 points here, but he may not be enough bull to produce a round win.

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