The Morning Line: Uniondale, Day 2


  • Chase Outlaw has a perfect matchup up against Pneu-Dart's Captain, who fits him like a glove.
  • Derek Kolbaba has the early lead heading into Sunday, but Slip Out is an unknown bull who could surprise.
  • Cooper Davis needs to ride today if he wants to pick up points, and Pneu-Dart's Southern Style won't make that easy.

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UNIONDALE, N.Y. – Sunday afternoon of Buck Off the Island, presented by Cooper Tires, will feature Round 2 and the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

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Round 2

Brennon Eldred on 211 Red Fury:

Eldred got a solid score last night, and the odds are he will get another one here. Red Fury doesn’t have a long career, but in five career outs he has yet to buck anyone off. He’s given up good scores as well. He’s proven easier to ride than he looks.

Chase Outlaw on 00 Pneu-Dart’s Captain:

Captain is a near perfect fit for Outlaw. He won’t be too hard to ride, and Outlaw will make him look good. This bull has great timing, and he consistently goes to the left. The bulls scored a couple of upsets last night, but if this bull gets the best of Outlaw it would be the biggest upset here so far.

Ramon de Lima on 160 Pitch Black:

Lima has a good chance to pick up a second score on this bull. Pitch Black typically looks to the left before spinning to the right. That will be away from Lima’s hand, but this is a straightforward bull with good timing. He’s not that difficult for riders of either hand.

Eduardo Aparecido on 10 Backfire:

This bull is never a day off. Backfire has been ridden just 4 times in 28 career outs, and he’s 13-1 at the Built Ford Tough Series level. However, he’s similar to and not any tougher than the bull Aparecido rode last night. There are four guys in a virtual deadlock at the top of the standings, and Aparecido is the only one of the four who earned any points last night.

Derek Kolbaba on 2127 Slip Out:

Kolbaba is in the driver’s seat after a Round 1 win, but this matchup is a big mystery. Slip Out is a relatively new bull that we don’t know much about. He threw Ramon de Lima off rather quickly in Nashville.

Kaique Pacheco on 212 Blue Duck:

Pacheco kept a low score last night, and the down side of doing that is that he really has to get some kind of score in Round 2. This won’t be an easy bull to get it on. Blue Duck has been ridden just twice in thirty career outs. The one factor in Pacheco’s favor is that he will be the best and highest ranked rider this bull has ever faced.

Gage Gay on 126X Can’t Be Touched:

Gay made a nice ride on this bull two years ago in Biloxi, Mississippi, and had an easy time of it. Can’t Be Touched can be ridden, at least by right-handed riders. He’s 1-4 against them. This should be a good score for Gay.

Stetson Lawrence on H14 Smokin’ Gun:

If Lawrence is going to get a second straight score here, he’s going to have to get by a fast and tricky bull that goes away from his hand. Smokin’ Gun is not overly difficult, but he has speed and he moves around in the spin enough to punish rider mistakes. This matchup is a push, and the bull may even have a slight edge here.

Cody Teel on T08 Slappy:

Teel rode this bull back in January, but as investment gurus like to say, past performance may not be indicative of future results.  Teel did not dominate this bull in their previous meeting. He barely made the whistle, and his getaway turned into a pretty big wreck. Teel came down last night from a bull he had ridden before.

Stormy Wing on 040 Missouri Boat Ride:

Wing is in good shape to go 2-for-2 here. Missouri Boat Ride is one of the easier bulls at this level, and that is well proven. He’s 4-9 at the BFTS level, and he’s got a career buckoff percentage of 36 percent. He’s 2-11 against top-tier riders. Wing should be a huge favorite here, and he could end up with a pretty good score.

Cooper Davis on 1602 Pneu-Dart’s Southern Style:

Davis had a misstep last night and didn’t get a score and that makes this a must ride situation if he wants to get any points out of the weekend. That’s not going to be easy. Davis bucked off this bull back in January. This bull is rideable, but he has his quirks. He slings his head a lot, and that can fool riders as to what’s coming next. Davis ended up in a minor wreck in their previous meeting.

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