The Morning Line: Duluth, Round 2

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  • World leader Ramon de Lima seemed poised for a second score against Luke in Round 2.
  • Jess Lockwood has ridden five of his last six bulls.
  • Tye Chandler looks to build off his Round 1 win against Curly Drifter.

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DULUTH, Ga. – Ryan Dirteater and Cody Campbell both kept low scores and declined re-rides due to injury issues in Round 1, but they will need a second score today to have any chance of getting in to the championship round. There were 13 rides in Round 1, so they are 12th and 13th overall going into Round 2.

Cody Teel on 308 Charge:

Teel has a great chance to get a second score on the board after placing fifth in the opening round. Charge has been ridden twice in just three career outs. Claudio Montanha is the only right-handed rider he’s faced, and that resulted in an 84.25-point score for Montanha in Chicago in January.

Emilio Resende on 6453 Double Did:

Double Did came over from Canada at the end of last season. He’s been ridden a couple of times, but he hasn’t faced that many high-level riders. From what we’ve seen of him, he tends to go to the right, and he doesn’t look strong enough to get Resende on the ground without Resende himself making a major mistake.

Luciano de Castro on 2847 Maximum Risk:

This bull should be a good fit for Castro, and he should be able to pick up a decent score. Castro had a similar draw last night, but couldn’t get out on him. He ended up with a less favorable re-ride and bucked off. This has been an issue at times with Brazilian riders. There’s an art to getting out of the chute on a difficult bull, and it’s partly dependent on the mindset of the rider going in. It pays to study that art so that when you have an opportunity on a bull that is good for you, you don’t lose out before the gate opens. Bulls that are just too bad in the chute for anyone to get out on are pretty rare.

Ramon de Lima on 206 Luke:

Luke can spin either way, but he’s been a lot better to right-handed riders than lefties. He should be a bull that Lima can handle whichever way he goes. There’s nothing about him that is particularly difficult. He is usually a pattern spinner with decent timing. That should translate to a guaranteed win for a Top-5 caliber rider.

Eduardo Aparecido on 3X1 Zacchaeus:

Aparecido has a score on the board already, and he will almost certainly get another one here. Zacchaeus has been ridden several times, most recently just last week in Hampton, Virginia. If he does the same thing here, only a major mistake by Aparecido could make this go wrong. This is a bull who is a solid lower-level draw, and should be one of the easier bulls in the round.

Tye Chandler on 264 Curly Drifter:

This is a big opportunity for Chandler to follow up his first-round win. Curly Drifter tends to go to the right, and he’s been ridden a couple of times by right-handed riders in only four career outs. Once he goes into a spin, he tends to lock into a steady timing – and that’s good for every rider.

Ryan Dirteater on 11 Blu Bell:

Dirteater isn’t 100 percent yet after his injury in Anaheim, but he should be able to pick up a second score here. This bull doesn’t have a long history, but he does have an unusual one. He’s been ridden three times in five outs on tour – all three times by Kaique Pacheco. All three scores were under 85 points, so this may not be the bull to win the round on, but Dirteater needs any kind of score here after keeping 69 points last night rather than taking a re-ride.

Sean Willingham on 309 Millenium’s Back:

Willingham came down early last night, but he has a chance to get a qualified ride in front of his home crowd today. Millenium’s Back is 1-2 against right-handed riders at lower level events, and he was ridden by Stormy Wing in his only previous appearance at this level.

Marco Eguchi on 12 Lucky:

Eguchi may be headed for an event win here if luck has anything to do with it. He had a difficult bull last night, but got fouled and earned a re-ride on one of the best draws at this event. He converted that into 86 points and fourth place in the round. Today he has a bull named Lucky, and it’s a debut bull that is 0-2 against righties at lower-level events. Eguchi is a big favorite in this matchup.

Dakota Buttar on 725 Run Through the Jungle:

Buttar may have drawn the least difficult bull you will see this year. Run Through the Jungle has been ridden seven times in 10 career outs, and most of those came at the Touring Pro / Velocity level. He’s 1-4 against lefties. This should be an easy win for Buttar who didn’t fare so well last night.

Jess Lockwood on 27 Red Dawn:

This bull is nearly a complete unknown. He threw Tanner Byrne off last night and tossed Jake Gowdy in Little Rock last week. After a slow start to the season, Lockwood has ridden five of his last six bulls counting his win at The American in Arlington, Texas, a couple of weeks ago. Bruiser is the only bull he’s come down from since.

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