The Morning Line: Glendale Round 1 & 15/15 Bucking Battle

Fans can watch the 15/15 exclusively on CBS Saturday at 2 p.m. ET.


  • Ryan Dirteater has the chance to win the 15/15 Bucking Battle aboard SweetPro's Bruiser.
  • Cody Nance takes his hot streak against Pearl Harbor.
  • Silvano Alves has a rematch against Hammer Down in Round 1.

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - We should see a lot of riders stay on in the opening round. There are a good many matchups that look like they could go the rider’s way. Bruiser and Pearl Harbor square off again in the 15/15 Bucking Battle.

Round 1

Claudio Montanha on 38 Seeing Red:

Montanha went 0-for-3 last week, but he may have the draw to get him back on track. Seeing Red tends to go to the right, and he’s not that difficult. He’s been ridden three times in five outs at this level.

Eduardo Aparecido on 2-1 Mortimer:

Mortimer is one of the best bulls available in this draw, and really one of the best long-round bulls in the business. Aparecido had a similar type bull in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last week and didn’t convert. He’s never been on this bull before, but they should be a good match, and Aparecido has a good chance to place deep in the round.

J.B. Mauney 725 Run Through the Jungle:

Mauney sat Albuquerque out due to injury, and he’s probably still not 100 percent, but he does have a good draw here. Jungle has given up seven qualified rides in just 11 career outs. That’s a 36.4% percentage, which is ridiculously low for a bull who can perform at this level.

Silvano Alves on -915 Hammer Down:

This is a quality bull, who is a great fit for right-handed riders, and Alves has ridden him before. This combination of attributes makes him a slam-dunk for the Alves of last week or five years ago, but Alves hasn’t been the safest bet against any bull for his recent history.

Ryan Dirteater on Z26 Acting Crazy:

This is one of the better bulls in the first round, but he’s not one of the easiest. He has a respectable buckoff record even against the best riders. He can spin either way, but Dirteater doesn’t have a weakness against bulls that spin away from his hand. This is an even match with neither bull or rider having a clear advantage, but if Dirteater comes out the winner, he should get a good score.

Michael Lane on Z7 Sketchy Bob:

Cody Teel was 85.25 points on this bull last week, and Teel is really the ideal opponent for this bull. On paper, Sketchy Bob looks like he’s the bull to have for any right-handed rider, but that’s an illusion. The difficulty in this bull is his up and down rather than his spin direction. Lane is right-handed, but he faces a tougher task than Teel did here because he’s a much shorter rider. Extreme up and down motion is the only aspect of what bulls do that is easier for taller riders with longer legs to deal with.

Kaique Pacheco on 247 Mac’s Barbeque:

Brennon Eldred rode this bull to a second round win last week – away from his hand. That means he’s likely to go away from Pacheco’s hand as well. The bull has good timing and is rideable, but Pacheco will have to be on point and he hasn’t been sharp of late.

Cody Teel on C31 Make-N-Magic:

Teel has ridden seven of his last 10 bulls, and he has a good chance here to make it eight of 11. Brady Oleson rode this bull in Anaheim in his only out at this level.

15/15 Bucking Battle

Kaique Pacheco on 317 Twinkle Toes:

We know less about this bull than any other in the 15/15 round. He’s only been ridden once – and that was a sub-par out for the bull. He threw Mauney off in St. Louis, and he got the best of Jose Vitor Leme in New York.

Keyshawn Whitehorse on 1206 Cut the Cord:

Whitehorse drew well here. This bull is a near perfect match for him. Cut the Cord is a solid performer who consistently goes to the right. He’s good enough that he can punish the slightest mistake, so Whitehorse will have to be perfect here, but he has to be happy with this draw.

Tanner Byrne on A19 Bezerk:

Bezerk isn’t in this round for his exceptional talent so much as for his exceptional effort. He is rideable, but he tries every rider from beginning to end. He tends to go to the left, and he will be a tough nut for Byrne to crack, but he is among the better bulls to ride in this round.

Fabiano Vieira on 345 The Rising Sun:

This bull should be easy pickings for Vieira. He’s 1-3 against left-handed riders, and he’s one of the statistically easier to ride bulls in the 15/15. The only difficulty may be right when this bull leaves the chute. He can be uneven or indecisive at times. Once he settles into a spin, Vieira should have it made, especially if the bull spins to the left as expected.

Valdiron de Oliveira 106 Sosa’s Alley Cat:

The odds are against Oliveira here. Alley Cat looks like a good draw, and he doesn’t look exceptionally difficult, but he is. He’s given up just two rides in 25 career outs. He’s faced some very good riders, and most of them couldn’t stay on him. He rates out as a bull with legitimate short round caliber difficulty in a round with a number of bulls that don’t.

Stetson Lawrence on 243 Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad is an odd bull in that he looks incredibly difficult to ride, but at least for left-handed riders he is easier than he looks. Lawrence has a shot at a good score here. This bull can be wild and out of line, but he doesn’t have a lot of power, and he can be ridden.

Marco Eguchi on Z8/8 Losing My Religion:

This is a rematch from last year where Eguchi bucked off this bull in Tulsa. This would have been Jess Lockwood’s draw had he not opted to heal up this week. Eguchi replaced Lockwood in the 15/15 round, and Lockwood got the better end of the deal. Losing My Religion is one of the hardest to ride bulls in the round. He’s been ridden twice in 36 career outs.

Jose Vitor Leme on 35 Spotted Demon:

Spotted Demon is really a better fit for a right-handed rider, but he’s not that great a draw for anyone. He’s 60-5 in his career. He tends to keep hammering at a rider to loosen them up and throw them forward over his front shoulder. Leme has the talent to beat him, but it will require a lot of hard work.

Ryan Dirteater on 32Y Sweet Pro’s Bruiser:

Dirteater has to like Bruiser a lot. He’s been on him twice, was 7.19 seconds on him the first time and 93.25 points the second time in Oklahoma City earlier this year. Dirteater has a good chance at winning the round easily here, but Bruiser is coming off his best out in recent memory last week in Albuquerque.

Eduardo Aparecido on 57Z Jack Shot:

Aparecido has been over 90 points on this bull twice before, and he’s also bucked off of him twice. Jack Shot is really a lot like Bruiser, although he’s less flashy and he will occasionally move forward where Bruiser tends to back up under himself. This makes him a more difficult bull to ride, and he delivers lower ride scores.

Cody Teel on 83A Wild Goose:

This will be a real test for Teel. No right-handed rider has ridden this bull yet. Wild Goose goes to the left, and he doesn’t do much to help the rider. He’s always subtly moving away from the rider either by stepping forward or opening up his spin. Teel will have to ride with precision to get the win against this bull away from his riding hand.

Claudio Montanha on 806 Speed Demon:

Speed Demon is hard to get out of the chute on, and hard to ride once he does get into the arena. He’s been ridden just twice in 31 career outs, mainly because he lives up to his name and wigs out like a possessed squirrel.

Cody Nance on 1149 Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor is tough for every rider, and he’s thrown Nance off before, but what better time for this matchup than when you are coming off a big win? Nance brings his maximum effort every time, and with Pearl Harbor he’ll need that and a little luck too.

Dakota Buttar on 397A Frequent Flyer:

This is a bull that came up through the ABBI’s competition system and he had a lot of success there. Probably no one expected him to start his career with 18 straight buckoffs, but he has. No rider has figured him out yet, and one big reason is that he leaves the chute at full speed and full power and he gets a lot of riders out of time with him right from the start. Buttar has his work cut out for him.

Ramon de Lima on 362A Heartbreak Kid:

Heartbreak Kid threw de Lima off in Austin, Texas, last year, and he’s thrown almost everyone else off as well. He’s 36-1 in his career. Although he’s still on top of the standings, Lima doesn’t have a commanding lead. He needs to at least keep pace with the guys chasing him. It won’t be easy to do on this bull.

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