The Morning Line: Billings Day Three


  • Eleven riders of the thirty in round two have a chance to go two for two.
  • Kaique Pacheco may have the easiest path to victory.

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Thirty of the sixty riders from round one have made it through to round two, and of those thirty, only eleven already have a score. Of the guys with a chance to be perfect here, Kaique Pacheco may have the easiest route to an event win.


Alisson Souza on 218 Parachute:

Souza kept a low score in the first round, and there’s a very good chance he will pick up a second score here. Souza is a capable rider, he’s right-handed, and this bull is pretty weak against righties. Parachute doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve – he’s steady and predictable. With so few scores on the board, anyone who can get two will be in great shape.


Brock Radford on 1017 Dream Catcher:

Although this bull has thrown off a number of big name riders, and he’s 6-1 at this level, he’s 2-3 against lefties, and Radford has a shot here. Like most of the other riders, Radford has to stay on here to have any chance of making the short round after bucking off in round one.


Lonnie West on 711 Stars & Stripes:

West is one of the few guys who have a decent round one score, and he’s in a good position to add another mid-80’s score to his total. Stars & Stripes can change his pattern up, but when he stays in a spin he’s really too easy a bull for the kind of scores he usually delivers. Derek Kolbaba rode him at the Global Cup in Edmonton, AB for 86 points, and video reveals the bull really brought about 79 points worth of difficulty there. West is probably familiar with this bull and he can’t be unhappy to have him. This is a good draw when all you need is any kind of score.


Cooper Davis on 14 Big Kahuna:

This matchup could have an effect on the event outcome, but not necessarily in Davis’ favor. This bull is unridden in nine career outs, he’s thrown Guilherme Marchi off twice, and he won’t be easy. Davis has to have a score here because he bucked off last night. Jess Lockwood is in a similar situation with a difficult bull in round two, but Lockwood already has one score and bucking off today won’t shut him out. Every one of the top riders who is shut out opens the door for the lower ranked guys.


Kaique Pacheco on 919 Rebound:

Things continue to look up for Pacheco. He’s ridden both bulls he’s been on here in Billings, and this bull isn’t likely to get the best of him. Rebound usually goes to the right, has been ridden regularly by right-handers, and Pacheco will be one the best righties he’s ever been matched with.


Brennon Eldred on W403 Freckles:

Last chance for Eldred to salvage something out of this event, and he has a good draw. Freckles threw Luciano de Castro off in round one, but Castro lasted 6.38 seconds. Marco Eguchi was 87.25 points on this bull last week in Tacoma making this bull 0-1 against right-handed riders.


Lucas Divino on W402 Jasper:

Divino was disqualified for a slap in round one last night, but the rest of the story is that after the slap right at the beginning of the ride, he sat up and rode the hair off a very difficult bull. This one will be much nicer to ride despite going away from Divino’s hand, and he may carry Divino to the short round with one score.


Keyshawn Whitehorse on 32 Embers:

Embers is 0-3 in three career outs. He has good timing and hugs the ground with little up and down. His speed is the only thing that makes him good enough to be here. Whitehorse, who is leading the event so far, has an excellent chance to hang on to his lead with this draw.

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