The Morning Line Nashville Day 1


  • Bracket C features Kaique Pacheco and Jess Lockwood - arguably the two strongest competitors in this format.
  • Bracket A where Cooper Davis is seeded may have the easiest path to the final matchup.

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Bracket A:

Silvano Alves on Slingin’ Tears vs. Sean Willingham on Crash:

Both of these bulls are relatively new and untested. Slingin’ Tears in unridden in seven outs, but he hasn’t really faced any top tier riders. Neither of these riders are usually quick to hit the ground, but Alves has a slight advantage in this round because he has far better career numbers.

Alisson de Souza on Mr. Jim vs. Koal Livingston on Cyclone:

Both riders here are right handed, and both these bulls like to go to the left, but Cyclone is a lot nicer bull to ride. From what we’ve seen of Mr. Jim, he can cover a lot of ground before he turns back and he doesn’t have much kick to help the rider stay forward. Cyclone as a predictable pattern bull who usually spins tight to the left with some speed. The key to riding him is just timing, whereas Mr. Jim is more likely to throw some tricks. Livingston has the better draw here, but he could still lose if he doesn’t get this bull’s timing right away.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on Ma Deuce vs. Marcos Gloria on Bugle Boy:

Viera’s bull is a complete unknown, while Bugle Boy has a history of being rideable – especially by left-handed riders. That said, he may not fit Gloria’s style, as he can be a little out of line and Gloria looks like he could be vulnerable to any bull who has timing mix ups. Vieira has a lot more experience on bull at this level, and that may help him come out ahead in this match.

Derek Kolbaba on Clemmons Time vs Colten Jesse on Real Gun:

Kolbaba bucked off his bull in Raleigh, NC last fall in 4.45 seconds. We saw Lonnie West make a great ride on Real Gun last week in Tulsa. Real Gun isn’t easy, but he will be one of the nicest draws available today in either round. He has great timing and should go into Jesse’s hand. Kolbaba is the veteran in this matchup, but Jesse may win out by having a better draw.

Round 2:

Cooper Davis on Desperado vs. ? on Southern Style:

Both bulls are rideable in this matchup, but neither one would be any rider’s first pick. They both have timing issues and neither one has real power to capitalize on their broken timing. This makes them kind of tricky to ride. Regardless of who advances to this pairing, Davis has an edge in that he’s the harder to shake loose than either guy he might face.

Ramon de Lima on Inferno vs. ? on Cut the Cord:

We could see two high scoring qualified rides here. Inferno is a high-speed spinner who should spin into Lima’s hand. He was ridden for 90 points earlier this year in Columbus. Cut the Cord is the total package. He’s an all around quality bull who likes to go to the right, and will face a right handed rider here. De Souza rode him for 87 points  over the summer. This will be one of the best matchups to watch regardless of whether De Souza or Livingston advances to this spot.

Fabiano Vieira on Double Dose vs. ? on What’s Up Homie:

Vieira should easily make the whistle here, so either Joao Ricardo Vieira or Marcos Gloria will need to get a score on a bull we know nothing about to have a chance. Double Dose is a high jumping showy bull, but if he gets Vieira before the 8 seconds it will be one of the biggest surprises of the day.

Jose Vitor Leme on Little Fool vs. ? on Burn it Up:

Both bulls in this pairing have an unridden record with fewer than eight career outs, so this boils down to Leme vs Kolbaba or Jesse. After last week, Leme has to be a huge favorite here.

Bracket B:

Tanner Byrne on Baby Boy vs. Matt Triplett on Mr. Majestic:

We don’t know anything about Byrne’s bull. He’s brand new. Triplett has been on Mr. Majestic before and came down in under two seconds. However, this is a bull he really should be able to ride for a high score.

Ryan Dirteater on Ringo Kid vs. JB Mauney on Barn Cat:

Dirteater is an underdog here. He’s a good enough rider to beat Mauney one on one at least once, but he needs to make the whistle on a bull that hasn’t been ridden before because Mauney’s bull is 2-4 against lefties, and 1-3 against top tier riders. Mauney is almost guaranteed to get a score here.

Guilherme Marchi on Last Chance vs. Gage Gay on Moe:

Both of these bulls look rideable, and we could see two qualified rides in this matchup. On paper, Marchi has the advantage. His bull is 1-3 in his career and Marchi is really the superior rider in career numbers. Don’t count Gay out though. Marchi can be streaky. The odds are his bull is going away from his hand, which can mess with his mental game sometimes.

Stetson Lawrence on Joker vs. Alex Marcilio on Millennium’s Buck

We don’t know too much about Lawrence’s bull. He’s brand new. Marcilio is up against a bull that’s been ridden in one third of his outs even though he hasn’t faced that many high-end riders.

Round 2:

Eduardo Aparecido on Wicked Stick vs. ? on I Always Stand:

Aparecido has a tough bull here. Wicked Stick is hard to ride, and he’s proven that against the best riders in the business many times. But, Aparecido has a built-in advantage here in that the bull on the other side of the matchup is even harder. I Always Stand is a well-known eliminator. Not only is he hard to ride, but he’s the kind of bull that riders don’t look forward to. Tough bulls on both sides of this matchup, but Aparecido may be better positioned to move on.

Cody Nance on Chopper vs. ? on Huckleberry:

Nance could end up facing Ryan Dirteater or JB Mauney here, so this is a tough spot for him. Both bulls in this pairing are rideable. Huckleberry is somewhat untested, while Huckleberry is better known. We could easily see two qualified rides very close in score here. Too close to call.

Dener Barbosa on Chief Petty Officer vs. ? on Clover Mountain Beau:

Clover Mountain Beau is the better known of these two bulls, and he can be a great draw for a right-handed rider. He will face one of two righties who could move into this spot – Marchi or Gay. Of all the seeded riders in the second round, Barbosa may be the easiest to eliminate. He hasn’t been riding his very best, and he the bull matchups favor the other side.

Claudio Montanha Jr. on Great Guns vs. ? on Zampernini:

Montanha looks like a favorite to win this pairing. Both bulls are relative newcomers, and Montanha has an edge over Lawrence or Marcilio in general.

Bracket C

Lonnie West on Shark Bait vs. Nathan Burtenshaw on Mr. Valentine:

Canada vs. Australia here. Both guys are more than capable of winning at this level, but West is coming off a strong showing in Tulsa last week and should have a slight edge here. The bulls in this match are even, so West (Canada) should have a slight edge here. If this were curling or crocodile wrestling one of these guys might be a stronger favorite.

Dakota Buttar on Uncle Gangster vs. Edgar Durazo on Big Country:

Canada vs. Mexico – two countries that are highly unlikely to ever go to war with each other. Buttar is the better rider of these two, but he has a lesser-known bull while Durazo has a pretty nice draw. Big Country has great timing and is a textbook spinner most of the time.

Valdiron de Oliveira on Slinger vs. Marco Eguchi on Rebel Call:

Brazil vs. Brazil. Both riders are really good.  Occasionally Eguchi is the best rider alive, but only occasionally. With the bulls being fairly even here, Eguchi may have a slight advantage because he’s younger, but this one is too close to call.

Brennon Eldred on California Kid vs. Lachlan Richardson on Curly Drifter:

USA vs. Australia. Eldred is the better rider in this matchup, but he’s not having a great year and Richardson has the more favorable draw here. Curly Drifter is a great fit for him. We don’t know much about California Kid.

Round 2: 

Kaique Pacheco on Buckeye Bill vs. ? on Handsome Jeff:

Pacheco has bucked off Buckeye Bill before (4.47 seconds in 2017). Handsome Jeff is probably the better draw of these two bulls, especially for a lefty. If Lonnie West moves into this spot that could make things interesting. Either way Pacheco is the best rider in this matchup, the best at this particular event and arguably in the world at the moment.

Cody Teel on Maysun’s Money vs. ? on Kid Fletcher:

Both bulls are unknown, although Teel’s bull is 1-1 in two career outs. Buttar or Durazo will face newcomer Kid Fletcher here, but Teel is easily the best rider of the three.

Luciano de Castro on Buck John vs. ? on Breaking Bad:

Whether Oliveira or Eguchi advance to this matchup, Breaking Bad will face a right-handed rider and he’s 13-0 against them in his career. Castro is almost a lock to get a qualified ride in Buck John. The bull fits him well, and the pairing makes him a huge favorite in this spot.

Jess Lockwood on Locke & Loaded vs. ? on Zorro:

Lockwood took Locke & Loaded to 7.89 seconds in Duluth, Ga earlier this year. He will face either Eldred or Richardson here, but whoever it is will be a big underdog. Lockwood is one of the toughest riders in this format because he’s so tenacious and rarely gives any bull an easy or quick victory.

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