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He raised two sons to believe in themselves, but more importantly, Bobby Steiner has always led by example.

Though he’s been something of a risk taker, the 57-year-old Texan has always had a plan.

As a young man growing up the son of a rodeo producer, all he ever wanted to do was to ride bulls. It was a “wild” sport, and that’s what he would pursue—as a Steiner, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Riding bulls may have been a risky way of making a living, but it would prove to be worth the reward if he could win a world title. But even then, Steiner, who was inducted into the prestigious Ring of Honor in 2005, was always looking ahead to the next challenge. So he made himself a promise – he’d retire from the sport as soon as he became a World Champion.

He just didn’t think he’d accomplish the feat at such a young age.

“Everybody that does this thing wants to win a world title,” he said, “so to have that come along, everything has to stake up right. … You have to catch the magic, and it just worked out well for me that year.”

Steiner got on his first calf when he was just five years old, turned pro when was merely 16, and in 1973, at the age of 21, he was a World Champion.

True to his word, he promptly retired.

In the first of a series of “Where are they now” Podcast profiles – www.pbr.tv – Steiner talks about everything from producing rodeos to the surprising phone call from Cody Lambert informing him that he had been selected for induction into the Ring the Honor.

During today’s Podcast he said that in the years since, his life hasn’t really slowed down all that much. In fact, with three grandchildren to keep up with – he coaches his five-year-old grandson’s flag football team – some, including Steiner, might say he’s busier now than ever.

“I tell you what, I keep thinking I’m retiring,” he joked, “but it seems like I keep going from one thing to another.”

Aside from his longstanding cattle business and real estate ventures, Steiner also opened a Steiner Ranches Steakhouse overlooking Lake Travis.

He currently lives outside of Austin, Texas, with his wife Jolene. They have two sons, Tommy Shane and Sid, a daughter-in-law, Jamie, and three grandchildren – Steely, Rocker and Bella.

“My number one thing is still being a husband and a father,” he said, “and my kids still have a lot of things going, and my grandkids do too—the pace hasn’t really slowed down that much.”

To listen to the entire Podcast, log onto www.pbr.tv.

— by Keith Ryan Cartwright

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