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(From left to right) Shorty Gorham, Silvano Alves, CEO Jim Haworth, and Douglas Duncan occupy Wall Street on Thursday.


  • Douglas Duncan and Silvano Alves have been on the ground in New York since Tuesday, participating in high-profile interviews and events.
  • Though the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost three points Thursday, it was a bull market at the New York Stock Exchange by the closing bell.

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NEW YORK - Douglas Duncan was the first of the world's Top 40 bull riders to arrive in the Big Apple, so it's only fitting that the 24-year-old Texas native will be the first rider to nod his head in the chute this weekend at Madison Square Garden.

Duncan, who smiled when he saw that he was first in the draw, flew to New York on Tuesday and has been sharing public relations duties this week with reigning World Champion Silvano Alves. Both are experiencing what it's like to meet the press for the first time in the media capital of the world.

"It's been great," said Duncan, who is making his second trip to New York. It is Alves' third time here.

Duncan said that last year he didn't get to experience the city, and explained that he was shuttled between the hotel and a photo shoot for his sponsors when not competing.

"It's a lot better experience this year," added Duncan. "Everybody has been just so good to talk to. Most of them don't know anything about the sport at all, but they're open and they listen. … They're actually interested in knowing about bull riding, and it's just cool that people in New York City support bull riding so much, because I would have never thought that would happen."

'Everybody has been just so good to talk to. Most of them don't know anything about the sport at all, but they're open and they listen.'

Wednesday morning he took part in the opening of the NASDAQ and did several interviews, including chats with the New York Daily News and New York Post, before heading to the Bronx with Alves to meet and hopefully inspire inner-city kids at a "Garden of Dreams" event.

Meanwhile, with the help of interpreter Tab Barker, Alves spent his afternoon interviewing with Univision, Globo TV, Telemundo and other media outlets.

Later that night he and Duncan joined Ross Coleman, Luke Snyder, Colby Yates and Brendon Clark in a suite at Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks host the Charlotte Bobcats in an early-season NBA game, but not before visiting the studios of the CBS Sports Network.

Duncan entertained the staff with stories about growing up in Alvin, located just outside of Houston. He explained how he became a bull rider and discussed the fundamentals of bull riding.

Duncan explained how the rider needs to counter the bull's every move. He talked about training regimens, and why ranker bulls equal higher paydays.

He appeared with Adam Zucker during the halftime show of an NCAA men's basketball game between Marshall and University of Texas - El Paso.

He began his second day with Snyder by appearing on Imus in the Morning.

While waiting in the green room, Duncan read a PBR feature that dominated two pages in the Wall Street Journal. The story, which quoted Jeff Robinson, Dillon Page, Howard Tally and PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert, looked at the growing business of stock contractors and bull breeders.

Nationally syndicated radio host Don Imus, whose show is also simulcast on FOX Business, is a longtime fan of the PBR and owns a horse ranch in Ribera, N.M. Imus spent an entire segment with Duncan and Snyder.

Bulls outside NYSE
Two PBR athletes see the sights outside the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Valerie Caviness)

Duncan and Alves then arrived at the New York Stock Exchange.

The two posed for photos, signed autographs and participated in several interviews before being joined by Snyder, Yates, Clark, Shorty Gorham and several executives from the PBR, Spire Capital and Ford.

After giving a tour of the stock exchange, which included a stop at the historic boardroom and the trading floor, Richard Adamonis, Senior Vice President of Communications, escorted the PBR representatives to the balcony, where they closed out the day's trading.

PBR CEO Jim Haworth rang the famous bell, and Alves struck the mallet that actually closed trading for Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012.

That night, the riders went back to the Garden to watch the Rangers beat the Florida Panthers 3-2 in an NHL overtime matchup. They were joined in the suite by Coleman's friend Bear Pascoe, who plays tight end for the playoff-bound New York Giants.

"I'm just proud that they give us so much support here in New York City," Duncan said.

'I'm just proud that they give us so much support here in New York City.'

There are numerous media hits scheduled for Friday.

Duncan will be doing a live remote with WPIX and then chatting online with SportsNation on at 4 p.m. ET, while other riders will be talking with everyone from People Espanol to Hoppus on Music. Mark Hoppus, bassist and one of two lead singers for Blink-182, hosts his own television show on FUSE.

A VH1 crew will also be at MSG shooting footage that will be used for their weekly Top 20 Video Countdown.

Haworth is being interviewed for an upcoming feature.

Other media opportunities and appearances will continue taking place throughout the weekend.

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