A Dream Come True


  • Chase Outlaw is the leading contender for the 2012 Rookie of the Year honor.
  • Outlaw, who won his first BFTS event in Houston, Texas, has won more than $165,000 so far this season.
  • In addition to several Touring Pro Division wins, Outlaw won two of three PBR events in Australia.

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FORT WORTH, Texas - In 2000, Owen Washburn rode Promise Land for 95.5 points.

More than a decade later, it's not the ride that made an impression on Chase Outlaw so much as Washburn's reaction afterward when asked why he didn't seem surprised by score.

Outlaw said he saw a replay, in which Washburn replied, "You want me to look surprised? This is what I came to do, so I'm not going to be surprised when it happens."

That's exactly how the 20-year-old Outlaw feels about his rookie season.

He won the third Built Ford Tough Series event he rode in and qualified - months ago - for his first World Finals appearance. He's also leading the way for the Rookie of the Year honor, with over $165,000 earned this season.

"It's a dream come true," said Outlaw, reminiscing about his first season competing among the best riders in the world, "but, heck, it's no different whether I show up at Philadelphia or show up at Little Rock, (Ark.), at a Touring Pro (Division event) or show up at the practice pen. I mean, I (have) to ride my bulls, and the only thing different is there's a lot more money up for grabs.

"I'm looking forward to (the World Finals) and I'm ready to stuff my pockets with as much as I can."

Outlaw competed in 22 of 28 events and is ranked 19th in the world standings.

In addition to winning in Houston, Texas, which was only the third BFTS event of his career, he has two other Top 5 finishes and a total of eight in the Top 10.

Just prior to getting the call up to the BFTS, he had tremendous Touring Pro success last November, December and January, which included a major at an event in Denver, where he was competing against several riders ranked in the Top 35.

"That really sealed my place at the first cut for the Built Ford Tough," said Outlaw.

Once he made his BFTS debut in Oklahoma City, Outlaw continued attending any TPD event that didn't conflict with the BFTS.

In addition to winning over $100,000 at BFTS events, he's claimed more than $38,000 in the States at TPD events and in excess of $19,000 in Australia, where he won two events during the summer break from the BFTS.

In an interview at the last of the regular-season events, Outlaw said he was satisfied with how the first season has played out, happy he's won as much money as he has, and, more important, he's ready for the Finals.

"I'm ready to stuff my pockets with as much as I can," said Chase Outlaw.

And he intends to win the Rookie of the Year honor.

"I'm going to go get it," he said, "and not leave anything for granted, because I want to walk out of Vegas with that award."

Outlaw is clearly focused on finishing this year as strong as he started.

But when pressed for his thoughts on whether the experience he's gained in 2012 will better position him to contend for next year's world title, he said, "I don't know about the experience in this big of a game - as many years as the other guys have - but as far as the experience of getting on bulls, not worrying about the outcome and giving it everything I (have), I know that, yeah, next year I will be contending because, heck, I ride good enough and I hate to lose.

"Every time I nod my head I want to hear everybody standing up on their feet screaming for me, so that's always the best high in the world you could ever have - everybody screaming and yelling your name."

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