Alves humbled by history-making season


  • Silvano Alves became the first rider to win back-to-back world titles in PBR history.
  • Alves edged out Guilherme Marchi by 659.75 points.
  • L.J. Jenkins, Valdiron de Oliveira and Austin Meier rounded out the Top 5 riders in the world standings.
  • Alves is only fourth rider to win the world title more than once. He joins Chris Shivers and Justin McBride as two-time World Champions, while Adriano Moraes is the only three-time World Champion in PBR history.

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FORT WORTH, Texas - He's been described as stoic and classy. Others call him boring and mundane.

Whatever you think of him, the record books now indicate Silvano Alves is the first rider in PBR history to win back-to-back world titles and only the fourth rider - following Adriano Moraes (3), Chris Shivers (2) and Justin McBride (2) - to win the world title more than once.

Alves also set the mark for surpassing $3 million in career earnings quicker than anyone else. He did so in 28 months.

"I'm still getting ahold of that," said a humbled Alves, who spoke with the help of his translator, Tab Barker.

"No one's ever done this before and I didn't think I could ever do it. From when I was little I never would have dreamed I could do this."

Regardless of whatever adjectives are used to describe the 24-year-old, his popularity is at an all-time high as well - evident by the fact that alternate plans had to be made in order to escort the reigning the two-time World Champion from the shark cage to the media room.

Customarily, the Champion steps down from the cage into Arena A with a pair of security personnel and is quickly escorted through the throng of onlookers to an alleyway leading to the back bullpen. However, with upwards of a thousand fans still on the arena dirt chanting his name, he was instead taken through the front-of-house production area and then led through a series of back hallways and up an elevator to the media area.

Alves and World Finals event winner Robson Palermo then addressed the press, which was largely made up of various media members that had traveled to the Finals from Brazil.

"All these people are coming to root for the country and not necessarily the guy," said Alves, as he made his way from the arena to the media room at the Thomas & Mack Center Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas.

He said after falling off his first bull, he was happy to ride the next four to get into the championship round.

Alves also admitted that he kept a close eye on the Top 10 in the world standings and knew after Round 1 his title was at risk. All five of the Top 5 contenders advanced to the final round of the season.

He wound up beating Guilherme Marchi by 659.75 points.

"I knew I needed to ride (in Round 5) because everything was at play and I might lose if I didn't," said Silvano Alves.

"I knew I needed to ride (in Round 5) because everything was at play and I might lose if I didn't," he said. "It was emotional to stay on that bull."

He later explained that this year's World Finals were different than 2011, "because I got to the Finals and it was really close - 500 points is nothing. It's one bull, so I knew I needed to ride well."

Alves, who all season was less concerned with his scores than he was with making the whistle, wasn't without his detractors.

In 2012, he still rode nine more bulls than anyone else, but ranked last in average scores among all riders with at least 15 qualified rides. He was less than 1 percent below Valdiron de Oliveira from having the highest riding percentage, but was nearly 10 percent below his average from a year ago.

His total of 12,201.25 points is 3,500 points less than 2011, in spite of making three attempts.

However, his $1.4 million in earnings this year is right on par with what he made in 2011.

As for those who doubted his ability to win back-to-back titles, Alves simply said, "Everybody has their detractors and their fans.

"Every fan can root for whoever they want."

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