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Agressivo is one of Paulo Emilio's top bulls. Photo by Andre Silva.


  • The PBR Brahma Super Bull Finals is underway in Americana, Brazil. The four-day event concludes Sunday night.
  • Paulo Emilio is the top stock contractor in Brazil. The veteran bull man owns the Top 5 bulls.
  • Jeff Talley and Gene Melton are in Brazil for the PBR Brahma Super Bull Finals on behalf of Circle T Ranch & Rodeo.
  • During the World Finals in Las Vegas, Emilio said he had an interest in crossbreeding his top bull Agressivo with Asteroid, who beat out Bushwacker for the World Champion Bull title.

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AMERICANA, Brazil - In the world of professional sports, it's hard to make a one-to-one comparison when it comes to Paulo Emilio.

The top stock contractor from Brazil is equal parts Tom Teague, Jeff Robinson and H.D. Page, but he's also a lot like Chad Berger and Gene Melton.

He's proven himself to be a savvy businessman, and has been as influential for PBR Brazil and ABBI Brazil as Teague has been here in the United States. His bulls are among the rankest at every Brahma Super Bull event - evident by the fact that he owns the Top 5 contenders - and, like Robinson, his pen dominates the championship rounds. Like Page, he's built and developed not just one of the top breeding programs in Brazil, but one of the best in the world.

Gene Melton interior
Paulo Emilio, Jeff Talley, Gene Melton, Ricardo Bento Dias, Cory Melton last night at the PBR Brahma Super Bull Finals. Photo by Andre Silva.

During a recent trip to Las Vegas for the World Finals, Emilio was eying up some bulls he would like to crossbreed with his pen down in Brazil.

"In my eyes, if we can cross our bulls, which are bigger, with these bulls, which are very fast," he said, "I think we can find a bull that's bigger and faster."

Emilio, whose English is limited, but improving, spoke with the help of close friend Paulo Crimber translating.

The two obviously said they were looking at Bushwacker and Asteroid.

Asteroid's owner Jeff Talley, who is the son of the late Howard Talley and owner of Circle T Ranch & Rodeo, is currently in Brazil for the PBR Brahma Super Bull Finals along with Asteroid's primary handler, Gene Melton.

The second day of four days of competition will take place tonight in Americana, Brazil. The event concludes Sunday night. Talley and Melton, who have a partnership with Brazilian contractor Ricardo Bento Dias, are due to return to their Louisiana ranch on Tuesday.

Among Emilio's top bulls is Agressivo.

"If we can cross our bulls, which are bigger, with these bulls, which are very fast, I think we can find a bull that's bigger and faster."

After watching Asteroid compete during the World Finals, Emilio said that if he were to cross the bloodlines of the World Champion Bull with Agressivo, "He would have muscles, but faster."

Emilio said that each year the overall bull pen in Brazil is not only deeper, but more importantly, it's getting ranker than in past years.

They've always been known for having big, powerful bulls in Brazil and Emilio, like his counterparts in the U.S., is looking to buy the best bulls he can haul to PBR Brazil events.

"They're better," he concluded, "because we invest in breeding."

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