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  • Aaron Roy won the PBR Canadian title for the third time. He previously won in 2008 and 2012.
  • Roy is the only rider to have won the title more than once.
  • Ty Pozzobon won the PBR Canadian Finals event, while Roy finished 10th in the average.

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SASKATOON, Saskatchewan - It's not about where Aaron Roy is today.

It's about where he wants to find himself next October.

Roy, the only rider to have won the PBR Canadian title more than once, became the national champion in his home country for the third time last weekend.

He finished the event 10th in the average, covering two of three bulls, and was well ahead of Zane Lambert for the overall title. Ty Pozzobon, who like Roy spent the past season competing on the Built Ford Tough Series, won the Finals event in just his second year as a professional.

Afterward, Roy didn't seem concerned about his record-setting third win or the prospect of winning it a fourth time in 2013.

Instead, the 25-year-old from Asquith, Saskatchewan, is determined to establish himself as a Top-10 rider in the world standings. With the new points system, that means he'll once again be focused on competing at each of the BFTS events, and off-setting that schedule with a full slate of Touring Pro Division events.

"I hope there's a fourth one," he said. "We'll play it by ear. I don't how many (events) I'm going to get to in Canada. I'm going to try and make my way and be in the Top 10 in the States all year, so it's all play-it-by-ear."

Roy was disappointed with his BFTS finish this season.

He finished 26th in the world standings a year after finishing a career-best 11th in 2011. In six years, he's finished in the Top 15 twice, but he has yet to put together a Top-10 season competing among the best in the world.

"I don't how many (events) I'm going to get to in Canada. I'm going to try and make my way and be in the Top 10 in the States all year, so it's all play-it-by-ear."

For years, he's maintained a dual schedule at home in Canada and down in the United States. His post-Canadian Finals interview with Ted Stovin is the first time he's hinted at focusing primarily on U.S. events. Each year, he's missed a BFTS event (or two) in order to compete at a Cup Series event north of the border.

In 2011, he missed a BFTS event the weekend of his wedding.

"(It's)hard to go from event to event," Roy said, "especially when you're riding in Canada one night and you have five hours to get to the airport. You get there and you're riding as soon as you get there. It's kind of hard to focus, but it's worth it when you get those big paychecks."

Roy grew up just outside of Saskatoon, where the Canadian Finals were held for the second year in a row - after having been in Calgary.

Roy appreciated the hometown support.

"Anytime you can be qualified as the top Canadian bull rider it's an outstanding feeling," said Roy, who remarked how he felt the support and heard the cheering throughout the event. "It's even better."

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