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Ty Murray and Craig Hummer join a panel of experts on the "Dangerous Game: Inside PBR."


  • Watch Craig Hummer, Ty Murray, Luke Snyder, Shorty Gorham and Jeff Robinson open up on “Dangerous Game: Inside PBR” on CBS Sports Network at 3 p.m. ET.

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PUEBLO, Colo. - Longtime fans, casual observers and newcomers to the sport of professional bull riding will have an opportunity to hear four distinctly accomplished PBR veterans engage in dangerous talk  on Sunday afternoon.

The one-hour discussion, "Dangerous Game: Inside PBR," which was filmed in Uncasville, Conn., will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network at 3 p.m. ET. The panel, moderated by Craig Hummer, features Ty Murray, Luke Snyder, Shorty Gorham and Jeff Robinson.

"My whole job is to bring stories out of the people I'm working with," said Hummer, who has been the play-by-play voice of the PBR telecasts for the past several years.

Unlike baseball, which allows for sustained storytelling, televised bull riding events only provide Hummer and analysts like Murray, Justin McBride and J.W. Hart brief moments to share snippets of longer stories.

According to Hummer, "Dangerous Game" gave him "a chance to ask questions in which the guys would hopefully be a little more expository with their answers."

The panelists discussed the athleticism of the riders, safety concerns, the popularity of the bulls, and the overall growth of the sport.

Hummer noted that Murray's gift as an analyst is his keen sense for using analogies to draw parallels between bull riding and other sporting events.

"We were talking about a sport just as we would talk about any other sport," Hummer said.

Gorham added, "A lot of people that don't know about our sport - they have yet to see it or get in there and look at the sport - they think we're just a bunch of crazy guys or bunch of ol' country boys."

Snyder interior
Luke Snyder provides the perspective of a current rider in "Dangerous Game: Inside PBR."

"This is an amazing sport, and if the people really learn the nuances of it, they're going to be fans no matter what," Hummer continued.

Gorham likened the discussion to sitting around a campfire sharing stories or conversations over a cold beer.

"It presented each one of us as an individual," he added.

Of course, Gorham is a well-respected bullfighter, while Robinson is the two-time Stock Contractor of the Year. Murray brought the perspective of a retired bull rider and co-founder of the PBR, and Snyder shared the viewpoint of a current rider.

Snyder is a veteran who has qualified for the World Finals 11 times, and is in the midst of a career season.

He has the distinction of having ridden with a few of the founders early in his career, and is currently competing alongside youngsters like Chase Outlaw, who wasn't even born when the 20 founders formed the PBR in April of 1992.

"They all brought something very unique to that round table, and that's why this was such an interesting group," said Hummer.

"Not only is it a cool sport, but all these guys are integral to making it cool."

Knowing each of the participants in and out of the arena, Hummer said he thought Murray, Snyder, Gorham and Robinson were forthcoming.

While the show will prove to be a great introduction, Dangerous Game also provides insights dyed-in-the-wool fans might not know.

"It was about the sport," said Gorham. "It's a sport that a lot of people have yet to see and they need to, because I think once you see it you're hooked. I think it's a sport where it has some sort of an attraction for everybody, and the opportunity to get it out there the way we did will hopefully attract people."

"Everyone knows in America one of the reasons football and baseball are so well followed is because of the amount of time people spend talking about it," Hummer said. "We are just scratching the surface of the PBR on the exposure level, I think."

"Dangerous Game: Inside PBR" will be on CBS Sports Network on Sunday, May 20 beginning at 3 p.m. ET.

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