Back Seat Buckers: A unique opportunity to own a bull


  • Back Seat Buckers participants include numerous sports stars: Bear Pascoe, Reggie Jackson, John Elway, Chad Ochocinco and Wayne Gretzky.
  • Your chance to become a stock contractor, as part of the Back Seat Buckers program, starts Aug. 1.

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You may never get to play at the Meadowlands Sports Complex against New York Giant Bear Pascoe, or face off one-on-one against stars like Reggie Jackson, John Elway, Chad Ochocinco and Wayne Gretzky. Odds are also pretty good that you won't find yourself in front of a mic chatting with NFL legend Boomer Esiason and his radio partner Craig Carton anytime soon.

But regular men and women are getting to compete against these sports greats at Built Ford Tough Series events in Pueblo, Colo., Tulsa, Okla., Thackerville, Okla., Springfield, Mo., and Las Vegas. For the men and women who own an animal in the Back Seat Buckers program, their bulls battle other Back Seat Buckers animals - some owned by these legends - for their share of half-a-million dollars in prize money. Thanks to the industry's unique turn-key ownership program, anyone from any walk of life can now become a stock contractor.

If you missed out on your opportunity to become a stock contractor during the inaugural Back Seat Buckers season, you'll have another chance in 2013. Starting Aug. 1, spots will go on sale to the public. The program is limited to 100 bulls and current owners can buy their spots this week. One celebrity owner who's excited to be playing again next season is Pascoe. His bull, G-man, placed 12th at the first event this season in Pueblo, and he has high hopes that his bull will win in Las Vegas. A gold buckle would go nicely with his Super Bowl ring.

"The idea behind Back Seat Buckers was to level the playing field and let anyone who is a fan of bucking bulls have the opportunity to become a stock contractor," ABBI Executive Director Kaycee Simpson said. "We hand-select the best bulls we can find from some of the most decorated breeding programs in the country, and then feed, house, train, haul and care for the bulls for their new owners."

"This is the most affordable way to become a stock contractor and get something of quality."

Once a spot is purchased, the new stock contractors will get to attend the Back Seat Buckers Bull Draft next March at Cowboys Stadium. There, the draft spots will be sold auction-style, and all 100 bulls will be selected by the end of the process. Held next to the legendary field, the adrenaline-charged auction will kick off a weekend that includes the PBR Iron Cowboy Invitational.

"We try to get bulls that have the same great athletic potential," Simpson said. "In our first event in Pueblo, we had a bull that was one of the bottom picks in the draft finish in the Top 15. So even though we have celebrities involved, a family or a group of friends could pool their money together and become stock contractors and have a legitimate shot at being our champion."

Back Seat Buckers Stock Contractors are invited to socials and VIP functions held in conjunction with the events. Owners get to go on the back of the chutes when their bulls are being bucked. Owners also have access to special seating for select PBR events, as well as limited-edition merchandise and exclusive offers.

Bear Pascoe bull
Bear Pascoe's bull, G-man, gets ready to compete.

At the end of the season, the bulls may be picked up by their owners, sold, or they can continue on as Derby bulls in a program just for Back Seat Buckers animals. With some hard-to-get bloodlines, many established stock contractors have also bought into the program in hopes of winning big in Las Vegas, and then adding those valuable genetics to their herds. Owners also have naming rights to their bulls, making it an opportunity to work with a corporate sponsor, or to name a bull for a family member who is the ultimate PBR fan. 

"Some of these genetics you really can't get anywhere else," ABBI President and PBR stock contractor Brad Boyd said. "Some breeders have sold us animals whose bloodlines haven't been available on the market before. I can tell you from first-hand experience that it's expensive to start a bucking bull program, and you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars securing bulls with the right genetics and the athletic ability that you need to base a program on. On top of that, you need the land, equipment, manpower and time to raise bucking bulls. This is the most affordable way to become a stock contractor and get something of quality. I think the majority of this season's bulls will be worth more than what people paid for them at the end of the year."

So if you've dreamed of becoming a stock contractor and hearing your name announced at a PBR event, look into Back Seat Buckers.  Not only will you be competing against some of the biggest names in the world of sports, you'll be a stock contractor alongside some of the greatest bull men in the history of our sport. With a half a million in prize money, this is a unique opportunity to compete in one of the most exciting games going today.

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